Homeless Man Builds Private Paradise Under L.A. Freeway, Complete With Hot Tub, Toilet & More!

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Waddell is a man who has been homeless since he was just fourteen-years-old, but that’s not too surprising given Los Angeles’ homeless rate (second highest in the nation as of this year).

Instead of travelling the country, or giving up hope, Waddell decided to just roll with the punches and build his own home. He’s got a bed to sleep in, two toilets that function using baggies, shoes for both male and female visitors and even a freezer he’s fitted to turn into a jacuzzi when you add water.

He even planned out accommodations for any guests that may stumble his way! This attraction garnered the attention of city officials who have attempted to tear the place down before, but he just keeps coming back.

Waddell states his home is built on ‘Paradise Lane’ and as you watch the video…you realize Waddell isn’t just living under a freeway overpass…he has literally set up shop just feet away from passing traffic.