Hormel Has Created A Bacon-Scented Face Mask

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Who doesn’t want a 2-ply face mask that is constantly giving off the smell of bacon?

With cases of the coronavirus on the rise in America, face masks are still needed to pretty much go out anywhere. Sure you can rock the basic surgical mask, or even a handmade face mask…but if you forced to wear a face mask, you might as well have one that smells good — right?

In trying to make wearing masks more tolerable, Hormel has come up with a unique, first-of-its-kind mask – and it’s definitely a first. The company best known for its food products is using science and their “latest in pork-scented technology” to give us the Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon mask.

The mask isn’t for sale (YET), but it is still available to win online through Hormel’s website – so long as the supplies last. You can enter to win up until the 28th of October and the winners will randomly be selected on the 4th of November.

Even if you aren’t one of the winners, just entering can help do some good in this world. Hormel has stated that they will be donating one meal to Feeding America for every entry on their website – up to 10,000 meals!

The senior brand manager for Hormel Black Label Bacon, Nick Schweitzer, stated in a press release for the company, “We’re continually focused on innovation — from new products, to marketing and distribution — all in an effort to deliver new and exciting ways to experience and enjoy Black Label Bacon. In 2020, that means connecting everyone’s favorite bacon scent to the year’s ‘it’ accessory, and in doing so, bring Black Label Bacon closer to our fans.”