Wild Horse Attacks Massive Alligator In Florida

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Some may say ‘only in Florida’…and as of right now…that is the only place I have ever seen or heard of a wild horse trying to attack an alligator.

I didn’t even know Florida had ‘wild horses’! You learn something new everyday! 

This video was taken by a group of tourist hiking through a national park.

A group of wild horses are seen grazing on some grass when they encounter a massive alligator. The alligator is clearly minding its own business, but one feisty horse isn’t digging the vibe the gator is putting out. So, naturally…the horse tries to stomp out the gator.

The gator takes one blow to the noggin but it is ready for the second! As the horse comes back around for seconds, the gator lunges up and attempts to grab a hold of the horses leg using its powerful bite! Luckily for the horse…the gator’s attempt failed and the horse was able to ‘quickly’ go back to grazing.

Nothing to see here folks! Keep on moving!  


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