VIDEO | Real Life Cowboys Ride Their Horses Through A Houston Walmart

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A Texan cowboy named ‘Woody’ (of course), veered off the beaten horse path recently and galloped into a local Houston Walmart. Woody and his horse were not the only horses in Walmart at the time however…Woody brought a few friends with him.

The video is making the rounds on the web and no horses were hurt during the filming.

Woody states that he simply wanted to put a smile on peoples faces, so he asked his buddies if they wanted to ride their horses to Walmart…and then inside Walmart. It is clear, the decision was unanimous.

The horses and their riders made it through the entire Walmart and had a slew of mixed reactions by customers.

Some were happy, some were scared and some were just in awe!

What did Walmart security have to say about the ordeal? Well, when they finally caught up with the rough riders, the first few managed to escape the store, but the last one out got ‘an ear full’ from security.

Check it out below.

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