Easy To Make DIY Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display

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Organizing your child’s toys can be a huge pain in the you-know-what! Sometimes you just want to tuck things away, out of sight – out of mind, but there are other ways you can organize your kids toys and make them look pretty cool too!

You can find step by step plans on how to build a toy car display shelf HERE

source (DIY)

This next shelving idea is so cute and is ideal for a child’s room, as it is a large wooden truck display with lots of storage space. Even though it looks pretty complicated, you can make this truck shelf at home if you are into crafting projects. Once the shelf is ready, you can display you child tiny toys on it and it will look amazing.

Plus, you can even create a fun little game where you ask your child for his/her help and organize all the toys by size or color.

If you don’t want to make one, you can purchase one that someone else has made right on ETSYHERE!