The 3 Hottest Toys Of The 2017 Christmas Season For Under $15

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hottest Christmas toys 2017

The Christmas shopping season is in full swing and everyone wants to find that perfect, popular gift! What are those gifts this year? Well, keep on reading to find out!

This year consumers plan to spend an average $967 on gifts, according to the National Retail Association. What whill they be spending all that loot on?

Some of the hottest gifts this 2017 season are actually small gifts that once would be considered stocking stuffers. They have moved up the chain and made it to the main event.

1. Zing’s Tumblstix – $7.99

hottest Christmas toys 2017

A hand-sized, light-up wobble toy. This item is set to replace the craze of the fidget spinner. Kids simply “tumble [them] end over end. You can buy them HERE

2. Squishies – $2.99 to $14.99

hottest Christmas toys 2017

These spongy toys trace back to Japan, where they’re sold on streets or in novelty shops, but Redwood Venture’s “Smooshy Mushy” helped bring them mainstream. Sold at Wal-mart and Amazon for anywhere between $2.99 and $14.99, these squishy toys can be stuffed into tiny spaces or flattened with the palm of your hand, only to slowly rise back to their original shapes.

3. WowWee’s Fingerlings – $14.99

These are hand-held, interactive monkey toys that climb and coo on your finger. These are probably this years HOTTEST toy. You can buy them HERE.