68 Most Attractive Female Golfers Of All Time

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Awesome Jelly

Golf was historically viewed as a prestigious sport for men and for the elite. Women were rarely seen on the course, and some exclusive golf clubs, like the Augusta National Golf Club, the Royal Troon Golf Club, and the Muirfield, even held sexist policies and did not allow women to join until recently. These days, many sports fans are starting to appreciate the game, and we could see massive crowds turning up to cheer on famous golfers like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, or Phil Mickelson. While many men have found success in this field, female golfers are not far behind, and the LPGA Tour for female golfers is more popular than ever. These exceptional women do not just deliver great performance on the green, but they add a hotness quotient to the game. Thanks to social media, these gorgeous golfers, including golf hosts and influencers, have gained attention and fame not just by lighting up the course but also by posting their sexy golf photos.
Let us have a look at the hottest female golfers from around the globe who stand out for their skills as well as their looks.

Warning: Extremely Graphic Photos To Follow!