29 Hottest Flight Attendants

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International Fly Guy

Most people love to travel. That is almost certain. However, to be able to travel around the world, (in most cases) you have to book a flight to go to your destination. That in itself is not always an enjoyable experience. It’s a combination of a lot of things, from the crappy food, cramped legroom, coupled with the extreme price variations (it can be really expensive at times). But it isn’t all bad. Other than imagining yourself enjoying your well-deserved vacation, there are other things that can make a disappointing flight bearable – and that would be the flight attendants. Someone caring, with a pleasing personality and a gorgeous appearance would definitely help improve your mood.
Although, most airlines these days no longer hire solely based on physical appearance, there is no doubt that it is still relevant in the hiring process for both male and female flight attendants. In that case, let us have a look at some of the hottest female flight attendants that you might encounter on your next flight!