House Or Apartments In Mahmutlar: What To Choose?

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Are you in a dilemma as to what kind of property to buy in Mahmutlar, Turkey? Here is a guide to the various kinds of properties you can find if you want a house in Mahmutlar. Some of these properties are also available in other locations in Turkey, but Mahmutlar was handpicked as a case study for the purpose of this blog post.

According to Turk.Estate, there are various kinds of properties that you can find in Mahmutlar, and they include:

  1. Penthouse
  2. Condo apartments
  3. Villa apartments
  4. Bedroom apartments
  5. Megahouses and mansions
  6. Bungalows, etc

What to Choose: A House or an Apartment?

When there is variety, one can easily get lost in the process of trying to make a decision. The dilemma is often what to choose and where to start. Here are some tips that may help you decide if you want to go for a house or an apartment.

1. Decide on the location first: in which one of the 81 provinces of Turkey would you like to own a land parcel? For making this decision, you may want to consider your adaptability to the various provinces and how you think they may be suitable or otherwise for your personal or business needs. Your lifestyle can also help you decide if you prefer the busy and noisy parts of town or the quieter and more isolated ones. So, it is not enough to just decide you have enough money to own land in Turkey. You have to choose the location and pick the city you prefer. Know your why and think about your motivation for starting the project because this can help you decide which province or city area to try. In real estate in Turkey, you always have the luxury of options. Once you are purchasing for recreational or business purposes, you even have to be more careful because location is an integral part of profitability in real estate.

2. Decide on the kind of property: look closely at the types of property that were listed above. Which do you personally prefer? Well, that question will depend on whether you need the property for personal use or for commercial purposes. In either case, depending on your target market, any of the premises could be suitable for commercial purposes. Bigger houses are harder to market or sell because they need higher-profile candidates who can afford quality apartments or who can pay the right amount for luxury. Also, you may want to consider the facilities contained in your chosen property and how those can be used for your marketing. Villas without pools are often regarded as incomplete and old-fashioned, so if you need to do some renovations in that line, then you should in order to increase the value of the premises. A summary here would mean: know who you are targeting and for what use you need the property, and make sure your choice aligns with that target customer. Add new features if that is necessary to make it marketable.

3. Consider sizes: apartments are smaller in size than houses and villas. Ideally, people who live alone prefer small houses where they can be comfortable in their space. But those who want large apartments often like the elaborateness and the opportunity to live like a king or queen, as the case may be. When deciding what property to buy, do well to consider suitability with your target audience in mind. If you are targeting families, then a condo may not be a nice option. If you don’t have a class or group of people you are targeting, then focus on getting housing that is marketable and contained in the prime locations of Turkey’s city. You may look for apartments on good-value sales, acquire them, and replenish them for resale.



The post focuses on tips for choosing between a house and an apartment in Turkey. You are advised to consider which area of the country you prefer, from the provincial level down to the city level, and to consider the various kinds of property with your target audience in mind. You are also advised to check out features and fixtures that make some property types more marketable than others.