How Can The Influence Of The Country’s Richest People Fall After The War

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There’s a reason why so many people say that wealth gives more power. Unfortunately, this has not bypassed independent Ukraine, which has sought to become a truly democratic country for the past 30 years. After the collapse of the USSR, the state could not quickly part from the old regime, which was communism imposed by Russia. Building new economic ties, choosing the right path were difficult tasks. Ukraine became independent in 1991, when new capitalists began to emerge. Businesses previously owned by the Government had been widely bought by a number of individuals. The price of these factories and industries was not only extremely low, because they practically did not operate, resulting in the growth of unemployment, banditry, and poverty. The first oligarchs emerged, monopolizing all possible markets. According to these people who became fabulously rich – and began to buy or establish their own media, work with politicians and top officials of the country, expanding their sphere of influence every year. Historians and critics argue that the second president, Leonid Kuchma, oversaw many transactions, creating an oligarchic system, and actively supported the privatization of state-owned enterprises in agriculture and industry. In that period, the country’s future Top-1 Forbes Rinat Akhmetov began his rise.

What is at stake now is that a war in which Ukraine fights a terrorist Russia could reduce the influence of shadow power in the form of oligarchs. The reason for this is the huge losses caused by the hostilities, the government’s effort to eliminate the old system, removing absolute monopolies, and the Ukrainian people, who will no longer support the old regime. It is very important, because the country is a candidate for membership in the European Union, but with this level of corruption it is temporarily impossible. The incumbent President actively engaged in anti-oligarchic activities, the corresponding law was adopted. All possible assets are to be declared, the sponsorship of political parties is prohibited, as is the participation in privatization.

The richest man of the country Rinat Akhmetov does not consider himself an oligarch and says he never was. Now the businessman claims that he has decided on his position for a long time and sees a happy future for Ukraine only if it is united. He regularly receives public criticism, but this does not change the fact that after Russia began its full-scale invasion, the billionaire has provided support worth more than $100 million. This is the biggest help, because many other influential people create their platforms for raising money with little of their own funds. Akhmetov says that his activity will not stop and he will continue to do everything he can to help Ukraine win. It is important to add that the tycoon has lost more than half of his fortune because of Putin’s war.

On February 23, 2022, when representatives from the United States said that the attack by Russia was inevitable, President Zelensky turned to all the most influential businessmen of the country with a request for support. Among them was Rinat Akhmetov.