How Does Life Coaching Differ From Therapy?

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As one of the most visited cities globally, London has something for every visitor. You are never short of activities here as the city has many museums, galleries, and monuments that fascinate visitors from across the globe.

But surprisingly, many people in this fast-moving city always worry about the future and seek assistance from a life coach London. The city has witnessed many people losing their focus, getting distracted, and even slipping into despair. Did you know that 80% of the women in London and the rest of the country suffer from low self-esteem?

The lifestyle is so hectic and fast that many people are losing their sight to achieve their goals.

Life Coaching vs. Therapy

When you think of taking professional assistance for your emotional comfort and personal growth, the first thing that comes to your mind is therapy. But in the last few years, you might have also heard people talking about working with a life coach.

Well, life coaches like Mia Hewett are experts who help you accomplish personal or professional goals. Though the approaches to life coaching differ, most professionals concentrate on motivation, personal empowerment, and strategies to describe and reach your aims.

Therapy Aids You to Heal, Coaching Empowers You to Accomplish Goals

Therapists help you to look at your metaphorical yesterdays to overcome deep-rooted matters. But the life coaches are there to help you cross the worries of the present day to succeed in the future.

The skills you learn from a therapist can assist in healing you from whichever problem you are facing. But coaching is something that sets you up with ways to reach bigger dreams or escape if you feel trapped on repeat in your life.

When you feel that you are unable to get out of your past and hence, your productivity for your goals is at stake. A life coach can drag out of your past and embrace your goals at such times.

Goals and Expected Results 

You would see a therapist if you have signs of a mental health issue, and you want to feel and act better. Therapy can even help you by increasing self-awareness by recognising the roots of issues and difficult thinking.

But life coaching tends to concentrate on your present and future rather than the past. The coach helps you identify your goals and the problems you are facing. Like therapy, life coaching includes guidance and support, but coaching even places a huge emphasis on your responsibility. Hence, it enables you to do more in your life than you might do on your own.

Don’t forget that the most common kind of stress experienced by people in London and the UK has been work stress with 79 percent. If you find yourself stuck in work tensions, you need immediate life coaching to find ways to deal with it and achieve your goals.

Therapy Works on Emotions, Life Coaching Helps You Change 

Therapy will help you with your emotions and feelings. It will help you learn how to come out of your stressful, emotional, or negative loops.

Life coach, on the other hand, will help you understand your priorities. No matter if you wish to lose weight or make a significant career change, once you speak to a professional life coach in London, you can get over the mental blocks you face with any challenge.

Once you have someone keeping an eye on your efforts and your goals, you feel accountable. And with accountability, you can stay on track. Once you change with the changing needs, you get nearer to your success.

The Areas Differ 

Life Coaching 

A life coach might use therapeutic and psychological instruments to help you:

  • Change your thinking
  • Enhance your emotional wellbeing
  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Make life alterations
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Learn a fresh skill
  • Change your self-identity

Mostly, life coaches are focussed on the present and future. A life coach would help you to explore your past only as a medium of understanding your present life experience and belief structures.

A life coach’s primary goal is to help you look at where you are, where you wish to be, and how you would get from your present to your successful future.


A therapist can also help you with these areas of your life, but they primarily help you with:

  • Treat your mental ailment or anxiety or depression
  • Heal past trauma
  • Deal with traumatic loss and abuse
  • Treat your addiction or substance abuse

Mostly, therapists are focused on your past and future. Apart from the areas of focus, the pricing may differ too. Life coaching sessions in London start at £100 an hour, while therapy can cost anywhere from £60-£120 per session that lasts 30-60 minutes.

Hence, since you know now that any life coach in London and therapist often help you with somewhat similar problems, their work is undoubtedly different. To get the right assistance, first, decide what type of guidance you are looking for.