Two Guys See How Far They Can Drive On An ‘Empty’ Tank Of Gas…And It’s Surprisingly Far!

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Who would have known that you could drive so far on an empty tank!

Youtubers Hamish & Andy set out to see just how far their car would drive after the on board computer system said they were out of gas.
The computer system in their car is similar to many cars on the road today. It will tell you how many miles or in this case, kilometers you can drive until you are out of gas. Well, Hamish and Andy wanted to see just how accurate that reading is.
The duo were cruising on the highway and started filming just as their car informed them that they had zero gas and zero miles left to cruise. Well, you will be surprised just how ‘off’ the reading was.
The duo drove for a whopping 111 kilometers before the car finally ‘died’. That’s nearly 69 miles and over an hours worth of driving. Not too bad to know that your car has a 69 mile until empty buffer zone!