How Plus Size Women Should Dress for a Cocktail Evening

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Ladies are often careful about what they wear to any occasion. The main idea is to ensure they don’t draw unnecessary attention but still fit in for the party with their outfit. Therefore, the market has been friendly to them by providing ideal clothes to wear for cocktail parties and other formal occasions as well. However, when it comes to plus size women, the options seem limited when choosing a cocktail attire. If this has been your issue in the past, then this article will ensure you are ready for the next party you attend.


1. Avoid Outfits That Show Undergarments

Your size is already capturing everyone’s attention at the party. You don’t want to increase the odds by showing bras and hot pants. Therefore, ensure to select a dress designed with quality material and does not see through your body. Your plus size cocktail dresses, however, should be stylish with little extra detail to differentiate them from the usual casual and formal outfits. Before dressing up, ask yourself if you would appreciate seeing your friend in your party with such a dress. If you don’t agree with your instincts, then you should consider another attire.


2. Don’t Make Them Too Long

Plus size women tend to hide their body and skin under the clothes they wear. However, when planning to attend a cocktail party, it might be an excellent decision to loosen yourself. Wearing those ankle size maxi-dresses with a boy-friend jacket might look fabulous for parties. But, that might not be suitable for a cocktail event. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for a shorter dress that has additional details. Usually, the ideal length for these parties should be little inches below or above the knee. Since you will be doing short dresses for the first time, it is preferable to start with a few inches below the knee.


3. Be Comfortable

With all the fashion options available, it might be easy to get twisted in between. Therefore, you should always remember to consider your feelings as you try different outfits. Ensure that you feel comfortable in the dress you select. Remember, you will be out for several hours, and people will be looking at you all through. When wearing your ideal attire, you have to be sure that it feels right and allows you to relax without looking over your shoulders. Also, ensure that you pear your outfit with comfortable shoes to add a sense of elegance and style. Spice things up with a few pieces of jewelry and light makeup that will make your presence in the party felt.



Your plus size should not be a ticket to limit you from, having fun. Instead, your size should work for your advantage, allowing you to rock in dresses that other women cannot fit. Therefore, take your time going through your wardrobe and select the one outfit that will make you look classy. Unless you are sure that you are attending a cocktail event and it has dress code specifications, you shouldn’t try too much.