How Repurposed Wood Can Be Used To Create Wonderful Household Objects

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Aside from saving you money, repurposing old materials, like wood, is eco-friendly. However, it may take more time, depending on your skill level…and creativity.

Old wood from broken down furniture is a source you can start with for your materials. Or…you can check out the local lumber stores for scrap wood, ask local businesses who use wooden pallets if they want to dispose of any, or search the internet for cheap, or if you are lucky, even free sources of unwanted wood. Just make sure they do not have a colony of termites as a bonus freebie…

Source of materials taken care of, time for your handyman skills to get going…if you don’t have any skills, well ask for help then, or search for a simple tutorial that teaches you simple projects to start with. Here are few…


Accent Mirror With Reclaimed Wood


Using reclaimed wood to create accent-boundaries around a simple mirror transforms the functional into a creative decor chic piece. Depending on your skills and creativity, it may even appear to be a designer piece of work.


Multi-purpose Rustic Caddy


This is a very versatile project to do…you can create several different pieces, of different sizes and looks, for different purposes. Use your creativity…the distressed look could give your home a rustic farmhouse appeal…if that is what you want, of course…


Wooden Multi-purpose Bookshelf


“Bookshelf” here is used loosely, as what you create can be used for a variety of things, not just books. It may store pantry stuff like a cupboard…or showcase potted plants, souvenirs and framed photos, ceramics, and the like. Using reclaimed wood, power tools, and a little ingenuity can create an impressive piece of furniture or functional art piece.


Designer-looking Window Box


Doing window boxes to fit above your windows will give it that artsy feel. Transform the simple into the splendid…hopefully you are artistic…


Bed Headboards Made From Reclaimed Wood


A beautiful headboard becomes the accent piece of a bedroom. Choosing good, colorful old wood will create a vintage era feel without the expense of buying a vintage piece…design it to your personal taste…


Wood Wall Art


Barren walls are an eyesore… so give them something pleasant to look at. Exposed brick inlays make any space look hip and modern, but could cost you an eye…but you can make faux-brick wall art using repurposed wood. Again, this project may take more time, plan it well before you start. Before long you will have a chic decorative piece for hanging wreaths, portraits, etc.


Deck Or Patio Cooler


Making a wooden casing for an old cooler for outdoor gatherings in your deck or patio will bring out the party mood for you and your guests. Enjoy refreshments while impressing them with your skills and creativity… they may even copy your example and create their own rustic deck cooler!


Stylish Decorative Lamps


A little ingenuity goes a long way. You can create trend-setting decorative pieces like a one-of-a-kind lamp. Simple, easy to find materials like a piece of reclaimed wooden block, coffee stirrers, wire, and a bottle lamp kit (which you can find at your local craft retailer), are all you need to get started. Your creative design will do the rest…believe in yourself…


Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel


Given you have a fireplace…does it look boring? Don’t get disappointed, you can liven it up by creating a reclaimed wood mantel over it. Not only could you display artwork, photos, and what-have-you, you could also hang the stockings during Christmas time.


Wooden Mountain Wall Art


Mountains bring out a certain nature feel…that is if you like mountains. Having an art piece on a reclaimed wooden panel for a signboard is so versatile, it can be displayed anywhere…bathroom, bedroom, kitchen,etc. Just determine the size of board you want, your design…and start. Using chalk to trace your design on the wood before painting it is recommended … unless you happen to be a master artist…


Wooden Ledge Shelf


Making a ledge shelf out of reclaimed wood is not only functional, its decorative. You can store anything from deco-plates, plants, magazines and books…use your imagination. Simple to do, and best of all, inexpensive.


Wooden Memo Board


Being organized is important wherever you work. But it does not need to be boring…a decorative memo board made from reclaimed wood and some creative juices will help organize and hopefully inspire your work.


Small Wall Shelf


Like an accent piece, a small wall shelf made of reclaimed wood is not only decorative, it is useful as well. It is easier to do than you think, no need to be an expert woodworker. Start small until you get the hang of it…before long you will be an expert woodworker…


Reclaimed Wooden Tray


For those who like to entertain, this project is up your alley. Serving drinks or snacks in a reclaimed wooden tray is sure to impress your guests. It is budget friendly, and depending on your artistic side, will be the talk of the party for some time.


Reclaimed Wood Wall


Not as difficult as it appears to be, walls of any size can be used, try them on smaller wall partitions first. Transform the look and feel of these walls using reclaimed wood and additional paraphernalia to make it functional as well.


Wooden Board Bottle Openers


Easy to do, relatively cheap, and useful as well. Aside from having them handy in your kitchen, bar area, or patio, they also make as great gift ideas. Decorate them as you please…


Reclaimed Wood Planters Box


Wood and flowers or plants go well together…very natural. Having a planters box made of reclaimed wood enhances this natural symbiosis… gives your outdoors a sense of peace and harmony. Nature inspired…


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