This Is Why Your Eye Twitches and How To Stop It From Twitching, Fast!

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how to stop eye twitching


Ever wonder why one or both of your eyes twitch? If so, lucky for you there isn’t a serious issue associated with eye twitching. Your body is simply letting you know that you need to make a lifestyle change. You can also get rid of those irritated twitches with just a few simple exercises.

If your life is stressful and you are on the go a lot, eye twitching is one way your body lets you know that you need to slow down. The same goes for getting little rest. If you have trouble sleeping at night and your body isn’t getting its appropriate amount of rest – signal the eye twitching!

Another big cause of eye twitching is eye strain. In this day in age many of us have our eyes glued to some sort of electronic device. Smartphones, computers, TV’s, all of these can cause eyes strain.

If you drink too much caffeine or alcohol, your eyes will begin to twitch also.

Some of the more serious causes of eye twitching are nutritional imbalances or allergies that you may not be aware of. In studies, it was found that a diet with too little magnesium could result in twitches; or an overproduction of histamine which is released when you have an allergic reaction could make your eyes twitch like a crazy person.

Check out the video below to see some super fast and simple ways to stop eye twitching when it begins.