How This One Automatic Toothbrush Will Change How You Brush Your Teeth, Forever!

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Using your hands to brush your teeth is becoming a thing of the past! Why waste time brushing your teeth by hand, when there are products out there that will do all the dirty work for you?

One of those products (and by far the best version of those products) is the MYST automatic toothbrush! With the MYST, you are able to brush your teeth in just about 30-seconds time and your mouth is left feeling clean, fresh, tingly and all happy inside!

**This isn’t an ad** I was just super impressed with this product, so much so I bought some for the AwesomeJelly staff!


If you have never tried an automatic toothbrush before…you are missing out! Seriously!

We are big fans of the MYST automatic toothbrush, not only because we found that it works the best in regards to actually cleaning your teeth — the MYST kit comes with this awesome teeth whitening mixture that reacts to a blue LED light on the toothbrush — that will whiten your teeth — big time!

You can buy the MYST automatic toothbrush kit for just $99 right now — which is an awesome deal because the normal price is $198!

So the next time you are in the market for a toothbrush…trust us…this is the one you want!!!