How To Add Bright Colors Into Your Kitchen?

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There is nothing wrong with all-white or monochrome kitchens – but sometimes, you may want to bring some life into it as well. You want some brighter colors to make your kitchen feel bold – to feel as if you are making a statement.

That being said, how do you add color in a kitchen without it looking as if it’s “too much?” How do you make sure that it is “just right?” Bright colors in a kitchen might make things seem all the cheerier, but you have to choose properly. 

Whether you are planning to go full-on renovation mode or just to add some spice dashes in your kitchen, here are several ideas for you found on the RTA Cabinet Supply website to add some color in a room we all tend to use every year.


  • Accent Cabinet Doors

Two-tone kitchen cabinets have been a thing for quite some time – and they are a great opportunity to add some spice into your kitchen – without turning everything into a color conundrum. For example, if you have white cabinets, you can choose to paint the upper cabinets into a bold color that will create a statement. If you also have an islander, a good thing to balance things out would be to paint that one as well. 

  • Make a Statement Backsplash

If you wish to bring some color in your kitchen without going through the trouble of buying new furniture, then you might want to make some modifications to your backsplash. 

Whether you want to change it entirely or to hand-paint the existent one into a bolder color, this small surface tends to be enough to bring a splash of color in your kitchen. The larger the wall, the deeper the colors should be as well.

  • Paint One Wall

One great way to bring white colors in your kitchen would be to paint an entire wall (or all of them) in a bright, bold color (say, in a burgundy red color). This is actually quite convenient, mostly because it blends evenly in the other pieces of furniture that you have in your kitchen. Not as much wall is visible, and this is why painting from ceiling to the floor might actually not be such a bad idea. 

  • Showcase Some Art

You don’t have to go full renovation mode to bring some color into your kitchen. All you have to do is hang some art – some colorful paintings that you like. Whether you like abstract paintings or some colorful landscapes of the sunset, you just need to find some points of interest and hang them on your walls – personalizing your kitchen. It’s a good way to cozy up the space while bringing a splash of color in the mix. 


  • Go for Colorful Furniture

Let’s say that you want to bring some color to your kitchen, but you do not want to go all the way to paint your walls or do some major renovation projects. In this case, you might simply opt for some brightly colored furniture. If your kitchen has been painted in some neutral colors, brighten things up by buying a red table and stools. 

Or, if you do not want to buy the furniture, you may choose to paint it yourself. Some bright-colored pint that you bought from the hardware store will sure manage to brighten things up.  

  • Hang Some Colorful Curtains

If your kitchen is all monochrome and brooding, but you have large windows, then you might want to go for a nice set of colorful curtains. Regardless of your kitchen color theme, everyone will be impressed if you add some nice purple curtains in the mix. 

In most cases, that is the first thing that everyone will see upon entering your kitchen – and will surely make the entire space seem cheerier if you decide to hang them by your sink.   

The Bottom Line

No matter how much you may trust monochrome themes based on black, white, and earth colors, sometimes, you may want to add some color into your home as well – specifically, your kitchen. If you manage to add those colors efficiently, your kitchen will surely look happy and welcoming for all your guests.