Never Lose A Game Of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ Again With These Simple Tricks!

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Ahhh, rock, paper, scissors…such a classic game! I think just about everyone in the world has played this game at one point or another in their lifetime and it just never gets old!

The game has been used for decades to settle scores, win bets and to see who ‘goes first’. The game is far from a game of chance as it is very much a psychological ‘warfare’ type game.

Knowing a few simple tricks can give you the advantage to winning the game, almost every time!

Here are a few ways to outsmart your opponent.

1. Men tend to throw ‘Rock’ first as they see the rock as a masculine symbol. 

How to win at rock paper scissors


2. Women on the other hand…tend to pick paper first. 

how to win at rock paper scissors

3. After the first throw down…people tend to throw what just beat them, next. 

how to win at rock paper scissors

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4. If your opponent wins, they will most likely start off the next round by throwing down the symbol they just won with. 

how to win at rock paper scissors

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5. The best way to win the game is to outsmart your opponent. You can use a little reverse psychology on them to take’m down! 

All you have to do is call out what you are going to throw…your opponent with most often times throw down whatever symbol should beat whatever it is you called out. That’s when you throw down something different than what you called out to take them down. 

Example: Just as you are about to throw down, say ‘ROCK’ and then throw down scissors. Reason being…when you said rock, your opponent immediately thought to throw down paper, which covers rock. However, you threw down scissors which will cut their paper into little ‘loser’ pieces!

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