How To Become A Tech Worker In 2021: A Short Guide

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Working in technology is not only a glamorous career – entitling you to meet the cutting-edge of the digital world – but it’s also extremely well-paid. A job for life, tech work is there for anyone who is interested in technology and its application in the real world – and that includes for gamers, hackers, techies, geeks, and others who love to learn and dabble in tech. In this piece, we’ll look at how you can train and learn to become a tech worker in 2021 and into the future.

College or University

To work for the best companies – including the Silicon Valley giants – you’re likely to need a university degree. It’s in these degrees or college courses that you’ll learn a great deal about how technology is designed, how it works, and what you can do to change, tweak, and redesign the dominant tech systems of our age.

Look to courses in computer science as a starter, as these will give you a general and base understanding of computers and how you’re able to interact with them by speaking their language. Moreover, you might wish to take a course in specific skills that interest you – like cybersecurity or app development – as and when you decide how you’d like to specialize.

Business Skills

Many tech workers cannot start out in the jobs that they think they’d like the most. You’re not, for instance, likely to land your dream job at Google when you leave college or university. Instead, you’re going to have to cut your teeth at less advanced and cutting-edge companies, learning how to apply the skills you picked up at university in a corporate environment.

This is something that can take months and years to perfect – and the journey will be one upon which you learn many new things about how technology is optimizing business and the world. You’ll also be able to take short, relevant courses to help you develop – like the Azure courses offered by A Cloud Guru to help you harness the power of the cloud.

Workshops and Conferences

To really show that you’re interested and passionate about tech – and to make important contacts that you might lean on later in your career – it’s important that you head to all of the conferences and the technology meetups, webinars, seminars, and workshops that you can. Of course, most of these will remain remote for the time being – but they’re likely to open up towards the back end of 2021.

All of these events will show you how the cutting edge of technology is developing. Often, you’ll learn more from these weekend events than you could from a month in the classroom, as you listen to leading keynote speakers and developers speak about the future of technology. These events are also incredibly inspiring, and you may well find your next passion when walking amongst the stalls of a major conference in 2021.

Use these tips to become a tech worker with purpose and passion in the coming months and years.