How To Bring Cafe Style To Your Interior Design

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Everyone will tell you that renovation is a complicated process, but we believe that interior design might just be more challenging. And it’s hard to measure when you are ‘done’. With so many styles out there, and thousands of decor trends pulling you every which way – how do you know what to pin your interior design on? Cafe style is a concept that has gained traction for commercial businesses as well as residential homes. The relaxed style and inviting designs are something home and business owners strive for, so let’s unpack how this can be achieved and celebrated in your space. 

Consider the influence your furniture plays

Beautiful cafe style is achieved by incorporating the right mix of colours, materials, and lighting. Cafe furniture can really play into these interior pillars, opening up a room and informing the environment to be one that is inviting, with an appetite for dining and conversing. You can do this by choosing comfortable, wide-seated chairs, with small tables to compliment. You can extend on your cafe concept further by adding textural touches of throws and cushions, adding to the comfort you are working to exude. It can be tempting to choose style over function here, you always want to be thinking of your patrons or family and friends who will be enjoying this space and the furniture within it. 

Leverage your light sources

There are certainly cafe concepts that thrive in a dim-lit environment, but ordinarily, cafe-style interior design is light-filled. It’s a place when you start the day or regroup halfway in, and this is what you want to keep in mind. Cafes welcome guests morning and noon, and so you want to be reflecting that bright ambience and leveraging the light sources you are working with. If you have covered or stained windows, look to replace that with something cleaner. If the windows are minimal or small, consider a skylight if it isn’t too expensive or intrusive to administer. Consider your layout based on where the light comes from, and don’t forget to think about what time of the day it is strongest and softest. 

Respect your tools and hardware

If you are trying to achieve a well-executed cafe style for your home or business, you will at some point need to address your tools and hardware. This means you need to fill your home with premium crockery, and modern touches like a coffee machine. You might want to abide by a colour cohesion, or perhaps you would prefer to stick to shapes and design characteristics. You don’t want to put in the effort to create a cafe style, only to be let down by dated hardware and inferior tools. If you’re lacking some inspiration here, you can jump onto Pinterest and get some ideas of how you can shake up your table spread.

Decor touches

Now that we have the basic features in place, you can start to further enhance the space by adding some decorative touches. You can do this by selecting the right artwork to scatter, something that draws from the look and feel of your cafe style around the space. If you are leaning towards a more French-inspired concept, your artwork can highlight Paris landmarks or anything else in that vein. Bringing some plants and flowers to the area is another nice touch and one that creates an inviting atmosphere, not to mention providing clean oxygen.

It’s not surprising that many are drawn to the cafe style, with its relaxed charm cultivating a refreshing take on dining and socialising. It might sound simple, but you can gain some great inspiration by simply checking out the hot cafe spots and identifying what can be translated into your own concept.