How To Build A Coke Can Stove For Hiking, Camping, Or If Your Power Goes Out!

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This is so cool! Check out how you can make a small stove out of a soda can in just a few minutes.

Aluminum is the lightest of metals and due to its flexibility and strength it’s most often used to manufacture everyday products such as beverage and food containers. So by trying this project, you can also reuse your containers of soda and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.

If you follow the steps from the link you can build (with few materials and minimal skills) a portable stove for travel or cooking in case of energy blackouts.

The supplies you are going to need are: 2 aluminum cans of any soft drink, 1 marker, a pair of scissors or cutter, 1 small sandpaper, 1 nail, alcohol and fiberglass. 



  1. Cut two coke tin cans into 2 bottom parts
  2. Make holes in 1 of them
  3. The next step is to nest the two halves together, top into the bottom.
  4. Fill the concave cavity with fuel. It wouldn’t hurt to add a little fuel to where the holes are either. 



Now…simply light! 



In the image above an Ikea cutlery drainer was placed over the burning can stove to create a ‘wood stove’ type burner. Above a camping pot is placed full of water. It took about 10 minutes for 1 1/2 liters of water to come to a boil, shortly before the stove ran out of alcohol fuel.

The step by step tutorial can be found here!


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