How To Buy A Vehicle The Right Way And Get What You Want!

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Here is a simple story about how to get what you want when buying a vehicle. We came across this story earlier and felt it was totally worth a share.

A man and his wife have made a decision to purchase a particular vehicle. As they were at home one afternoon, the man, who is a chef, was cooking a turkey in the oven and since it was going to take a while he asked his wife if she wanted to go and try to purchase the vehicle that they have been looking at.

Once at the dealership the man asked the salesman to take $1,000 off of the original tag price. The salesman immediately went into his normal sales pitch, letting them know that he couldn’t take the $1,000 off because of this and that, we all know the game. So the man told the salesman that he had a turkey in the oven and had to make this purchase happen fairly quickly and if a $1,000 could not be taken off he would simply have to go home. As soon as the man and his wife started walking out the door the salesman stopped them and asked “What would it take to sell you this car right this minute?”.  The man replied “Take $2,000 off right now and we will purchase it, if not than we are fine with the original $1,000 off we requested and can come back tomorrow,”

The salesman did not believe that the couple would come back, so he agreed to take the $2,000 off and the couple purchased the vehicle right then and there.


The moral of this story is this, be persistent and you will get what you want.  Don’t take no for an answer and know that a car salesman does not want you to leave his lot without buying.

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