How To Choose A Bike For Urban Transportation

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When it comes to getting around the city, people have so many available options to choose from: trains, underground, buses, taxi, and bikes. The latter has become a tremendously popular vehicle to get around during the last decades, and there are many reasons why choosing bike really makes sense, especially for students who spend a lot on help with dissertation. This article will explain why you should switch to a bicycle and how to choose the one to suit your needs.

Why Bike?

There are plenty of reasons why people should choose bikes and why the government has to encourage citizens to use them more often. Look at just a few of them.

It is Environmental-Friendly

Ok, the climate thing is real, so is the shortage of the natural resources that the fuel is made of. Every 5th task put on dissertation writing help service concerns the ecological situation. What everyone can do is to switch to the means of transport that has 0 effects on the quality of the atmosphere we are surrounded by. Bikes are the safest of all.

It is Cost-effective

 If you are a student who, besides the school costs, spend regularly on expert dissertation help services, switching to bike may save you a lot of money. Yes, in the big cities you might be privileged to use the cheap system for transportation, but guess how much will cost you to have your own mean of transport? Just the cost of transport itself! Ok, and maybe its maintenance when needed. And it’s not us to tell you that the dissertation writing can be pricey, so if you are looking the ways to cut your spendings, riding a bike is what you can do.

It is Yours

When you use public transport, you are dependent on its schedule, running and other factors. Having your own vehicle puts you in full control of your journey from A to Z. It’s up to you if you go, stay or chill. Plus, the parking is free of charge.

What bike is right for me?

Now as we (hopefully) convinced you that owning a bicycle is a great idea, this is what you need to consider while choosing the one.

Consider the Road You’ll Ride On

If you’re planning to ride around the town-only, then the urban bike is what you need to buy. However, if the majority of the route is not the asphalt/concrete-like, then there is a sense to add a bit of adjustment to your search. If the part of the road is through the mountain/forest, then you might consider a hybrid or mountain bike.

Also, Distance

The urban bikes are perfect for riding short to medium distances due to the construction of the vehicle, its pedals and seat position, etc. However, if your commute is long, you need to choose the one that has the speed changing mechanism and choose the seat that will keep you comfortable on the road. For instance, BMX bike for commuting might work OK if you already have it and if your commute is no longer than 1-3 miles. Other than that, we recommend you to opt for something that won’t turn your ride into a sheer nightmare.

And Space Too

Do you know where you’ll keep the bike when you won’t need it? If you live in the apartment alone, that won’t be a problem, right? But what if you share the room with anybody? Or need to take it into the tube/bus from time to time? A convertible (foldable) bike is what you should look at in case space is a constraint.

Will You Carry the Bag(s) Too?

Piled with stuff on a daily basis? Then there is no way you choose the bicycle without a basket, especially if you are to have a long commute. For one thing, your back won’t hurt from carrying the backpack on your shoulders twice a day. For the other, you can rest assured you won’t have anything hanging from the handlebar if you have the urge to stop by a grocery store.

How to Start Looking for It

  It doesn’t matter where you shop, online or at the bike shop, take this list as you made up your mind to become a bike rider.

  • Set the max money limit you can spend. Be realistic but also remember that the good thing may cost a bit more.
  • Choose the model. Above we’ve mentioned the factors to keep in mind while choosing the bicycle, so now you need to come up with a particular model. Our advice is to consult with the riders who have the bikes to commute for the same distance/road as you will. This way, you have the chance to not repeat the mistakes they’ve made. Google, visit physical shops, consult with the bikers – you’ll receive more points of view that will help you to make a choice.
  • Consider the cost of future repair. Will you find the necessary parts for the chosen model easily? Will you be able to do it by yourself? Is there a bike repair near you to assist you when in need?

Riding a bike is not only a great exercise but also a chance to switch to eco-friendly transport easily available for possession. Plus, it can save up a lot of money and switch from ordering cheap dissertation writing services to working with professionals to get your “Excellent”.