How To Choose The Right Lamp For Your Home

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The difference between a dull, uninviting and boring room and an inviting cozy and attractive space is perfect lighting. While decorating your home, you will realize that small changes can make a monumental difference. Lighting is a small but mandatory fixture in any home.

The right lampshade can add a touch of whimsy to your home and make it instantly cozy and inviting The home lamps that you choose can complement beautifully with the style, theme, and décor of your home and set an ambiance that instantly elevates your mood whenever you enter a room.

It might happen that you love a home lamp or a lampshade that you think will go perfectly with your décor. And when you bring it home, you instantly dislike it, resorting to placing it in the hallway or sticking it in a corner where no one will see it.

So how to choose the right lampshade for any room in your house? Sounds simple, but it’s not that easy. While choosing a perfect lamp shade may sound intimidating, here are some easy-to-follow guidelines that can assist you in finding and purchasing the best lampshade for your home. We can help you decide what’s best for your home to save money, time and a lot of heartbreak.

Find The Perfect Spot For It

Choosing the perfect lamp shade for a home lamp, either table or floor lamp, depends largely on the style, scale, and color of your lamp base. It should neither overwhelm nor blend into nonexistence. It should have enough of a design presence and charisma to change the aura of the room in a subtle, refined way.


It is important to note that smooth lampshades go well with contemporary modern room designs like shown above, while pleats complement traditional and baroque style interiors like shown below.


Be Mindful Of Your Lamp Base

Choosing a lampshade can be a breeze if you have a perfect idea of the shape of your lamp base. If the base is round, a round shade will complement it best. Such as the one shown below.

Belia Kitchen Set

However, if the home lamp has an angular shape, either square or rectangular, a similar shape will work best for it, such as this rectangular black lamp.


There are a few exceptions to this rule. Some lamps, with their curves, look splendid with angular lampshades, while some stick floor lamps have the propensity to support a round lampshade more. It also depends on the table shape where the lamp is kept. If it’s round, a square shade will work best and vice versa.

Lamp Measurements Do Matter

When purchasing a lamp shade, it’s a good idea to get ahold of a tape measure and note down measurements of your lamp base. Now multiply it by 2 and you have an approximate lamp shade width. If you have a round base, you should measure across and diagonally for an angular lamp base.

It is essential to remember that the widest part of your lampshade should have half an inch of space on either side of the base.


Location is also key when choosing a shade. If it’s going on a nightstand or a busy room, grab a lampshade that is narrow and sturdy to avoid unwanted collisions.


More decorative lampshades can go well in a parlor, like this one.


Size Them Up


Don’t ignore the power of proportions. Too tall or too short, too heavy or too small. The lampshade that doesn’t go well with the lamp base and its proportions will look askew and just not right. A too-tall table cannot support an equally tall lamp, so choose one with a short base and a short lamp base. The general guideline is to choose a home lamp which has the bottom of its lampshade at your eye level.

Pick the Right Material

Should you choose an opaque lampshade or a transparent one? Which material would be best for you? Well, it all depends on what you want your lamp to accomplish. Translucent fabrics like paper or sheer fabric are best for reading lamps or nightstands that can add ambient and calm lighting to any room.


Opaque shades are either made of silk, parchment, laminated cards or other thick fabrics. They are great for places where you need to highlight objects and set a mood by down-beam lighting.

A Whole World of Finishes and Colors

Lampshades are also available in smooth finishes or pleats. If you want a more trendy option, go for a daring lampshade with assorted fabric, much suited to a fashionista’s abode. Customized details like embellishes, appliques, embroidery, decoupage, and fabric paints can elevate a simple lampshade into a work of art.


They can be the showstoppers of your interiors. The metallic colors can add a touch of opulence or complement the industrial vibe that you might be going for. Wooden home lamps can complement exposed wooden beams or flooring in your home, while copper lamps go well with the fixtures in your kitchen. The combinations are endless. You just have to find one that suits you well.

Game of Shadows and Lighting


The shadow of the lampshade depends on its diameter.  As a rule, its diameter should be 2 inches less than its length. Moreover, pay attention to light fittings such as UNO fitting or clip-on or a spider fitting. Some home lamps support CFLs or LEDs, which also cut down the power bill. If energy conservation is your objective, check the maximum wattage of a home lamp before making the final decision.

In a world of chandeliers, bold and decadent home lamps with amazing lampshades are a sturdy, less fancy and elegant option. They can add symmetry, color, ambiance and a certain element of style to any room.

A veritably stylish lampshade can elevate the color, contrast, illumination, and texture of a room’s interiors. This guide will help you find the perfect lamp shade that will light up your world for years to come.