Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Vacuum & Clean Your Car

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Of course, you have a car – who doesn’t? However, we bet, you do not always have the spare money to take it to the car wash. This means you have to be aware of how to vacuum it yourself – are you aware it is not that easy? We have prepared a very useful article for you that will tell you the tips and tricks on how to vacuum and clean your car properly. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!

how to clean your car

Remove All the Trash Manually

Before starting to vacuum the car, you have to clean all the trash and throw it into a garbage bag. Well, actually, you need to remove the items you are going to need as well because you do not need anything odd on your way to clean the car. You need to check everything: door pockets, holders, and floor. The car needs to have not a single bottle or wrap. First of all, you will see that your car turned out to be not that dirty after all. Second of all, you will clearly see the areas that need cleaning. Do not forget to remove the floor mats – do not even try to vacuum around them because then, the work would never be done perfectly. Without the mats, you will be able to vacuum the floor and wash the mats separately.

Clean the Smaller Parts of the Car

Do not even think about starting to wash the carpet – what is the point? While you clean all the rest, you would grime the carpet, and you would be forced to wash it later again! You should start with the upper surfaces. You need the brushes when you start cleaning the dash and the door panels – their different bristles would do you a favor. Both cleaning and vacuuming would be needed for the door pockets – you cannot even imagine how many things can be buried there. To clean the air vents, you will need the brushes again – these tricky parts of your car are literally a magnet for the dust. Using simply the vacuum with the brush attached will not help you at all. To do your job perfectly, we advise you to take the artist’s paintbrush (which is not expensive) and try to get as far as possible. After reaching each crevice, wipe the brush with a rag so that the dust is not spread through the crevices. Do not forget about the nooks and the crannies – sweep the dust of the cracks and vacuum it carefully.

Clean the Carpet

The simple vacuum would not be enough here. You would need a high powered vacuum and a set of brushes with different bristles – this would allow you to get to the hardest to reach areas in your car. You will be super surprised by what you find behind the seats that is why we advise you to slide them and clean out all the junk that is present. To wash the carpet perfectly, you might need to have a carpet cleaning machine – it would take away all the dirt that is set on the fibers of the carpet. Its work principle is pretty easy – the machine drips the carpet with a mix of water and the cleaning soap and sucks the grime into a reservoir. The machine is not cheap, however, the car wash is not cheap either. The sum you are going to pay for two or three car washes will be the same as for one machine. However, you will keep on using the machine over and over again for ages.

Clean the Leather

If your upholstery in the car is made of leather, then we advise you to buy a leather-cleaning kit. Yes, it sounds a bit extreme, but consider this: you will once buy a lot of tools for the different parts of your car and will use them for ages! Is it not worth it? You are going to save a lot of money by not addressing the car wash! The cleaning of the leather is a time-consuming process that will require a lot of patience from you. The initial thing you have to do is pretreat the leather with the conditioner. Then, you will have to spray the ink lifter on the leather and rub it in. You would have to wait less than a minute before you can wipe the area with the clean cloth. Afterwards, you would need to use the leather cleaner and right after that – the leather protection cream. But guess what? Not to do this whole procedure, just always keep the leather-cleaning kit in the vehicle and use it immediately after you grimed your upholstery.

Refresh the Air

This can be counted as another part of vacuuming because basically what you do is vacuum the bad smells. If you are a smoker, you would have to buy the aerosol and spray the headliner, the seats, the door panel, and the carpet. Then you would have to turn the fan to high and switch the system to recirculate mode. Spray the mist into the intake opening and leave the windows closed for one hour minimum. The smell might be too sweet after that, but it will soon be gone. You can also change your vehicle’s air filter when everything else is done.

Wash the Windows

The initial thing you will have to do with the windows is scrape off the stickers that you might have got in some national park – yes, they might be great memories to you. However, you have to agree that as the time goes, they stop looking good. Plus, the stickers of the worse quality unglue from the window anyway. Those that come off quickly and easily would be no problem, but the ones of the worse quality might need your patience. Just use the towel and wipe the windows until the stickers are gone. Afterwards, you will have to wash the windows properly – do not forget the top of the windows because the majority of the people forget to clean them when they are partially rolled down.

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