How to Clean Your Personal Humidifier

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Winter is approaching. One of the best things that you can do is invest in a humidifier to combat the often dry climate that the end of year season brings.

Humidifiers are a wonderful tool to balance out humidity levels in your home to ensure that your health is not compromised. This is because when our bodies are exposed to too dry of a climate, many of us become at risk of developing irritated dry skin, bloody noses, congestion and even getting symptoms of the cold or flu.

Humidifiers rely on cool water that turns to mist to rebalance humidity in an environment. There is a whole range of humidifiers that you can choose from—it really depends on your budget, personal health problems, and at-home environment.

But regardless of what type of humidifier you do use, it is important to clean it—at least once a week, if not daily!

This is because the steam that humidifiers consistently produce also makes it a  prime candidate for mold and bacteria to develop. The last thing you want is to be pumping bacteria-filled mist into your home, making your health risks even higher!

So, cleaning your humidifier is something that you should be making a top priority. And it is quite easy to do if you follow these straightforward steps.

1. Follow the instructions

As we mentioned earlier, there is a whole range of humidifiers that you can choose from. This means that not all are created equally, so not all can be cleaned equally. Read the instruction manual to understand the specific cleaning instructions for your model. And not to worry—if you are like the majority of people who have already thrown it away, chances are high you can find a copy of it online or get in touch with a customer service representative to assist you.

2. Avoid detergents

The cleaning materials for your humidifier should be kept quite basic. Products can include white vinegar, chlorine bleach, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should be conscious to not use any fragrant cleaning products as that could get mixed into the humidifier mist going forward.

3. Unplug before cleaning

This may seem simple, but too often forgotten! Before you even begin cleaning your humidifier, make sure that you unplug the device and move away from any electric outlets. For most models, you should be able to also easily take apart the humidifier after unplugging it.

4. Let the interior soak

The standard way to clean the tank of the humidifier is to fill it with a white vinegar mixture. But it isn’t a quick clean. It is important to let the tank soak in the vinegar for at least a quarter of an hour before dumping it out. This ensures that the vinegar is able to properly break up any mineral or bacteria build up and get into the smaller crevices that you yourself might not be able to reach.

5. Replace the filter

Even if you are very diligent with cleaning your humidifier, you will still need to constantly replace its filter. Most often a filter should be replaced once every two months, but don’t delay in doing so if you notice that it is getting crusty or giving off a strange smell.

6. Don’t forget to disinfect

To ensure that no nasty bacteria is left roaming behind in your humidifier, it is also recommended to clean the tank with chlorine bleach. Just like the vinegar, it is important to let it fully soak for at least a quarter of an hour before rinsing and drying.

These six easy steps will help ensure that you enjoy all the positive effects of your personal humidifier long-term.