How To Create A Glowing Bouncy Egg With The Magic Of Vinegar

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Have you ever tried to bounce an egg? Don’t! Or, not until you’ve watched this video, at least.

As you know, eggs have shells that you must remove before eating. However, if you completely submerge eggs in vinegar, the vinegar will do the work of removing the shell for you. That’s right. The vinegar will dissolve the eggshell, leaving just the clear membrane underneath. This happens because vinegar contains an acid called acetic acid, which reacts with the high calcium content of the eggshell.

It takes at least two days for the shell to dissolve completely, and you must wait until the whole shell is gone before trying to bounce the egg. But once the vinegar does its job, it’s seriously fun.

(source YouTube)

I’m going to ask for my eggs glowing and bouncy when I go to a diner again. Unless they don’t have two days to prepare them, that is.