How To Create An Amazing Blog

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Are you taking the plunge and wanting to start your own blog? A successfully ran blog could turn into a full-time career or small business venture for you down the road. However, a poorly run blog and it will fall on deaf ears.

Blogging is a way to spread information and tell a story across a vast amount of people. Some people start a blog as a way to express their feelings and daily lives. Other people create something informative with the hopes to make a decent wage from it.

There is tons of information available on the internet that gives you tips and advice to create a blog. The problem, however, is where do you start? It can quickly become overwhelming if you are unsure what to do. That is why we made a simple list for you to follow to help you create a fantastic blog.

Decide on a Platform

You need a platform to start your blog. A platform is what creates the blog and allows you to upload your content. There are many platforms available, some are free and some you have to pay to use. Browse through the different platforms, like WordPress, GoDaddy, and Wix, and see if they offer everything you need to start you off.

Develop a Creative Domain

The domain is the URL of your website. Think of it as the name of your site. The domain is what people will enter when they are trying to find your page. You want to have a domain that is unique and creative to what your blog is about, but not too difficult that people have trouble typing it in.

Come Up With a Focus

The focus of your blog is crucial. The focus – broken down is the subject, theme and objective of your blog – is what your blog is all about. Without one, your blog will quickly become confusing and be all over the place that it will lose the interest of your readers.

Have a Creative Design

You should have fun creating the design of your blog. Just as the focus is what your blog is, the design is the face of your blog. It is what people will see when the homepage loads. Again, the design should resemble what your blog will be about.

If you are creative enough to build your own design, go for it. Otherwise, if you need a little bit of help, try using software like Crello to help you design your blog.

Introduce Yourself

One of the first pages of your blog to create is a page that introduces you. Readers like to put a face to the blog. Having an about page will do that. Include some background information about yourself, what you do, why you created the blog, what it will be about, and a picture of yourself.

Develop a Publishing Schedule

A quick way for your blog to fail is by being inconsistent with publishing content. To help develop a following of readers who will be the ones to help you grow, you should have a publishing schedule. Map out your month and determine which days you are posting what. The more consistency you have, the more likely your readers will stay with you.