How To Create More Storage Space At Home

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Within your home, you can never have too much storage space. Storage within the living room and storage within the kitchen is a must. Whether you have a family, or not, you will soon find that without the proper storage space, your home will be cluttered and unorganized. So, how can you create more storage space within your home?

Decide Where You Need More Storage

To start the process off, you have to look at your home in its current format and see where you need more storage. For example, do you need storage for laundry or are you looking for more storage in the bedroom for those winter clothes? Once you have established where you need more storage, you can then start establishing what storage to add. It is important that you go around your home and go from room to room. When you focus your attention on one area at a time, you can ensure that you get the right storage needs for the space as you use it.

Reuse and Repurpose What You Already Have

You may have items around the house, or even lying in the garage that can be repurposed and reused. When you can repurpose and reuse, you can save items going to the landfill, and you can save money in the process too. When it comes to repurposing, it is important to forget about what an item has been used for previously. If you focus on an item in its current or past form too much, then you will struggle to see what it can be in the near future. For example, you may see an old fridge as just an old fridge, but can it be used to store craft items in your garage? Seeing the potential in what you have around your home is essential.

Think About What You Will Be Storing

Before buying new storage, or even repurposing existing items, you need to think about what you will be storing. For example, does it need to be extra secure (for example, for storing 80 lowers) or does it need to be high up and perhaps out of reach of others? On the flip side do you need it readily accessible by all members of your household? When you build your storage space around what you will be storing, you ensure that you create tailored spaces that are truly fit for purpose.

Use Nooks and Unused Spaces

Around your home, you will have little nooks and unused spaces. These spaces might not look much at first but thinking about what they can be and will be, will ensure that all spaces (even those currently unused) become useful. For example, those spaces under kitchen cabinets can be used to store herbs and spices. 

Get Creative

It is amazing what you can create from items that you might not have even thought about before. For example, you can store your extra bathroom towels on an old wooden ladder in the bathroom, or you can store books above your staircase.