How To Create The Perfect LED Christmas Light Display

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LED Christmas lights have helped both commercial and residential decorators create dazzling displays that truly capture the spirit of the season. While Christmas lights are a tradition that dates back hundreds of years (even to an era where candles were common), the introduction of LED technology has helped modern displays even more impressive.

There are many benefits that can come from purchasing LED Christmas lights. While these lights do cost a bit more upfront, their longer bulb lives and increased level of energy efficiency cause LED lights to be comprehensively less expensive than their incandescent and fluorescent predecessors. Additionally, the creative and efficient nature of LED lights makes it much easier to create high-tech displays complete with flashing lights, coordination with music, and various other special features.

Countless people recognize the benefits that LED Christmas lights can provide. However, even once you are committed to purchasing these special lights, you will still need to make several other choices. Without a firm plan in place, before you begin the shopping process, it can be easy to overpay for lights or purchase a set of lights that aren’t completely compatible with your specific display.

In this article, we will discuss the most important things to think about when purchasing LED Christmas lights and creating a display of your own. By accounting for all these details in advance, you can assure that you are purchasing a set of lights that will be perfect for your display.

Identifying the LED Christmas Lights that are Right for You

When compared directly, LED lights are overwhelmingly the best variant of Christmas lights currently available on the market. However, even once you are committed to buying LED lights, there are still many other details you will need to think about.

  • Bulb Color: the color of the lights will have a major impact on the overall viewing experience. Currently, the most popular color combinations include green and red, soft white, and rainbow (red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and purple). There are many other colors available as well and if you don’t like what you find, your lights can always be customized.
  • Wire Color: ideally, your LED wires will be discreetly displayed or, in some cases, essentially invisible. Green wires work well for lights that will be on grass or foliage, white works well for lights that will be on a ceiling, and black wires work well in most other situations.
  • Bulb Size: as you begin shopping around, you will quickly discover that there LED Christmas lights come in many different shapes and sizes. M5, C6, C7, C9, T5, G12, and G30 LED lights are all among the popular. Be sure to compare multiple different options before making your final decision.
  • Battery-Powered versus Plug-In: while battery-powered lights cost more than the lights that plug into an outlet, they can be very helpful in outdoor situations where an outlet isn’t available.

Once you have accounted for each of these details, among others, you will have a much easier time discovering the specific brand and strand of LED Christmas lights that are best for you.

Creating a Display with Various Special Features

The introduction of LED lighting technology has helped decorators of all kinds create displays that are considerably more complex and interesting than displays of years past. By investing in just a few additional special features, you can easily transform an otherwise ordinary display into something that is truly memorable.

Some of today’s most popular special lighting features include:

  • Flashing and Twinkling Lights: by having lights that flash or twinkle, you can create a magical effect that is visually appealing. LED icicle lights, for example, can be easily coordinated to resemble real-life icicles.
  • Changing Colors: unlike lights of years past, the RGB bulbs that are in LED lights make it possible to replicate—and cycle between—seemingly every color imaginable.
  • Coordination with Sound: videos of light displays synched with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells” regularly generate millions of hits. Thanks to the power of LED lighting, synching a light show with music is easier than ever before.

 Additionally, investing in snowflake lights, themed lights, and LED silhouettes can help add some additional character (pun intended) to your specific display.

Understanding the Dynamics (and Restrictions) of Your Display

After deciding the types of LED lights and features you hope to incorporate, the next thing you will need to address is the specific dynamics of your display. Take careful inventory of all outlets, extension cords, and other power features that you will have regular access to. With LED lights, you can easily string 40 (sometimes more) different strings together, meaning that outlets are not as crucial as they were in the past. However, carefully managing the power distribution for larger displays can help you reduce the amount of energy your display requires.

Beyond accounting for outlets and extension cords, you should also be sure to understand all equipment that will be required. Purchasing ladders, hooks, and other essential pieces of equipment will make setting up—and taking down—your display significantly easier. Furthermore, deciding where each of your lights will be placed in advance will help ensure your display is absolutely perfect.

The Benefits of Purchasing LED Christmas Lights Online

The last thing you will need to think about is where you hope to purchase your Christmas lights. While these lights can be purchased at your local hardware store, there are multiple benefits that come with buying your LED lights online. Buying LED Christmas lights from a certified online provider will give you access to a wider selection of options, will make it much easier to plan the entire display, and can also help save you a considerable amount of money. For commercial displays that require thousands, even millions of lights, accessing online discounts will be especially beneficial.


Even if you have never built an elaborate LED light display before, planning your display is likely much easier than you initially assumed. By addressing the bulbs and features you need, along with understanding the dynamics of your display, you can illuminate a given space and dazzle every viewer.