How to Decorate a Room with a Small Budget

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In 2018, the total home improvement expenditure in the U.S. amounted to approximately 349 billion U.S. dollars. Remodeling a single house can cost anywhere near the tens of thousands considering the size of the house, number of repairs, and purchasing of new items.

Don’t hold your breath, though, because you’re certainly capable of achieving even better outcomes with a bit of time, creativity, and less than $100 at hand.

The good thing about decorating your house on a personal level is that you get to bring out your personality, make a room feel homely, and be as original as possible.

Need to decorate a room in your home? Use these tips to create a great design even with a limited budget.

Repair, Clean, and Create by Yourself

Purchasing house items isn’t the only way you can end up spending so much for your home; repairing can also result into so many expenses. That’s why you should learn to do it yourself. Knowing how to repair at least half the things in your house will save you money.

Whether it’s repairing furniture, and electronics, or thoroughly cleaning the room to perfection, learn to be hands-on as much as you can. If you live with someone, let them also learn to work on a few things in the house and save a fortune on repairs.

It’s also possible to create decorations like paint portraits for the wall, floor, and table tops all by yourself. The only things you should be purchasing include paint, marker pens, paint brushes, sewing apparatus, and such items.

With these in your house, you’ll be able to design your décor and save on all future renovations. The items are a one-off purchase, hence making them worth that one-time investment.

Decorate using Glass Items


Repurposing glass bottles is one of the artsiest things you can do in your home. There are several ways you can make this, including:

  • Spraying the whole bottle from the outside with golden spray and placing them on a shelf, near the window, and on the floor, among other strategic places.
  • You can cut the bottle into half and use it as a clear candle holder.
  • You can also spray different bottles with different colors, cut in half, tie ribbons around them, and use them as storage cans for small household tools, or stationery.
  • When plates crack, drill out circular shapes from them, and use the circles as tin covers; either clear or paint them to make them look fancy.
  • Are you looking for a flower vase? Use your wine bottles. Carefully peel off the labels on the bottles, and spray the bottles (optional) then place flowers or other plants in them.
  • If you’re a fan of wordings, spray glass bottles with a plain color, and write on them cute words, funny words, sayings, or a mix of all. The best way to achieve this is by spraying three bottles and splitting words that make a sentence among them.

For example; one bottle can read “Eat,” another “Sleep,” and finally “Repeat.” Another one can read, “I,” “Dance,” and “Two.” The idea is to be playful with your words, be funny, and use pans as much as possible. Every time you walk past the bottles, they’ll put a smile on your face.

  • Did you say you love wine? Well, gather all the corks, we have an excellent idea for you. Take the wine bottle, slice it in two, and fill it up with the corks. Repeat this process until you run out of both or one of the items. Now place this chic cans on furniture and windows around the room.
  • If you’re a lover of patterns, you can spray the bottles then draw cute designs on them using a paint brush. Patterns are good at drawing attention and making a room feel lively.

We can go on, and on with a thousand ways to use glass items for decoration. All you have to do is improvise on what you need that you can’t afford to purchase. If you need spray paints and brushes, consult Bonsai finance for some funding.

Paint Surfaces

When remodeling a room, you’ll come to see that excellent interior design often involves the use of paint on different surfaces. If you’ve some tins of paint, use those, if not, buy some. Before you purchase paint, try and visualize how you would like the room to turn out.

If you’re planning on using a particular scheme, then know each type or color of paint you’ll need to save on time and money. If you’re conflicted about what color scheme to use, here’s a tip on how to choose a good color scheme.

  • Look around the room; you’ll find one or two colors dominating the area; use those. In case the place has too many colors, you can either buy one paint can, and color the walls plain, or get two colors and paint the walls one color and the ceiling a different color.

Depending on your desired design outcome, you’ll need to play with dark and bright colors carefully.

Here are six different ways to apply paint:

  1. Apply on your walls to make the room look bigger or smaller
  2. Apply on your ceiling to make it look higher or lower
  3. Apply on doors to blend with your color scheme for the room
  4. Re-design furniture by painting a different color and patterns on them
  5. Remodel your door frames and window panes
  6. Paint your cabinets and drawers

Coloring items around the room can be done using paint as well. However, you need to be careful about mixing and matching colors.

Don’t overdo it and have your room look “congested.” Simplicity is key!

Re-purpose Old and Torn Cloths


There’s something about running clothes on furniture that brings about a chic finishing to the room. So, grab your ton clothes and sheets. Remember the sewing device we advised you to get for DIYs?

Use it to give the torn cloths a good stitch. Fold the fabric, and hang them on the couch, dining seats, dining table, or any other available surfaces.

You can also stitch out pillow covers for your seat pillows and throw pillows from the torn garments. That’s another excellent way to design a room; fill the room with pillows.

Decorate a Room by Organizing Space

The ultimate way to decorate a room with an elegant feel is by organizing everything. Use available shelves, and tables to place collectibles, tools, and stationery, among other items. A preferred way would be to color coordinate them or hand-make paper baskets and dump the items inside.

A bonus tip would be to re-arrange your furniture and bring out vintage collections around the room. If you like a minimalistic feel, get rid of extra items and keep the room plain and simple. Instead of piling things on desks and shelves, hang a few of them on the wall to bring out a chic look.

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