How To Have A Happy Relationship

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“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

Having a happy relationship is something that we all want in some form or another, whether that’s with someone we have just met, or with someone we’re already in a relationship with. However, sometimes it just doesn’t seem to be as happy as it could be, no matter how hard the pair try. It doesn’t have to be that way, though; read on and you’ll see that there are some wonderful and easy ways that you can put your relationship back on track and ensure you are happy most of the time (and maybe, if you’re lucky, all of the time).


Be Realistic

When you first meet someone there is a rush of excitement and everything they do is sweet or just fantastic. Over time, this changes into something else. You don’t love each other any less, but the relationship has changed and is now at a different stage. That is perfectly normal and is to be expected, and it certainly does not have to be a bad thing.

When the complete infatuation that you will have to begin with wears away, you need to be with someone who you actually like – this is one of the ways that you will be happy. Being in a relationship with someone you like means that your day to day life will be a better one, and you will be able to confide in your friend who also happens to be your partner, too.

It is just as important, of course, to be realistic in terms of the ups and downs that all relationships have. There will be times when you have arguments and just don’t get on, an expecting that this will never happen is unrealistic and will lead to much more unhappiness than the disagreements ever would if you had been aware that, at some point, they would happen.


Work On The Relationship


In order to have a happy relationshipit will need constant care and will need to be worked on. If you leave it and neglect it – and the other person within it – the relationship can suffer damage which in some cases is hard to get back from. A relationship can be thought of like a flower; the more it is tended to, the more beautiful it will be.

Constantly working on your relationship may seem like hard work, but it’s not – it is extremely simple. All you need to do is pay attention to what is happening around you, and make sure that any problems that arise are dealt with swiftly so that they don’t grow into something much bigger.

Real life issues may sometimes cause conflict or friction in your relationship. This could include big life decisions such as moving house, changing job, or having financial worries. Talking about issues is also a good way to get them resolved; your partner may be able to suggest that you look for a new job if it is your career that is causing problems, or lookinto minicreditos if it is a financial worry that is keeping you awake at night.


Spend Time Together


Spending time together as a couple is important, butit must be quality time; simply sitting in the same room together silently watching a TV show doesn’t count. If you find that you are busy and there just seems to be no time to do fun things with your partner, then you will need to make time, as this is all part of working on the relationship which, as mentioned above, is crucial.

Making time means letting someone else look after the children, pets, and perhaps even house. It means organizing a date night each month so that you have something to look forward to and dress up for. You can do something different each time you go out, and find new and interesting places to explore.


It is vital that you spend time together, especially if you feel that you have been drifting apart in your relationship. Something as simple as trying a new hobby together, or going out for a meal and really talking can help to make your relationship a happy one.


Spend Time Apart

Although we’ve just been talking about the importance of spending time together as a couple, it is also important to take some time apart every now and then. Being able to do your own thing by yourself or with friends – that is, someone other than your partner – can be another good way of keeping your relationship fresh, and ensuring you are both happy.

If you are always together, you might find that you become bored of one another’s company, or even that the relationship itself is preventing you from trying something you would really enjoy and be good at, whether that’s a new job, a hobby, or starting your own business.

Taking some time for yourself means that you can appreciate the relationship more, and that it will be a happier, stronger one.


Don’t Try To Change One Another


Trying to change your partner, or feeling that they are trying to change you, won’t actually make any changes. What it will do is make the relationship unhappy, with one or both members of the couple feeling that they just aren’t good enough. The relationship will be put under a lot of stress, and in the end, it might just be too much for it to bear.

The best way to go into a relationship is to understand that there will be things about that other person that you don’t like. It could be anything from the way they drive too fast to the way they chew their food, or the fact that they like to wear their hair long when you think it looks better short. What you need to remember is that these are not things that you can change, nor are they things that you should change; if someone is going to drive more carefully or cut their hair more often, it must be their choice, and no one else’s. If they feel ‘bullied’ into making changes those changes won’t stick, and the person in question won’t be happy.