How To Host Instagram Live The Right Way

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Just like with anything else in life, there is the right way and the wrong way of doing things. Unfortunately, when it comes to Instagram, it’s too easy to do things the wrong way.

I’m not talking about dropping the ball here and there. I’m not talking about doing less than the perfect job. I’m talking about completely missing the point.

In fact, a lot of people who go through what would otherwise be a winning formula to build an Instagram following very quickly, simply end up dropping the ball when it comes to Instagram live hosting. It’s as if they just lost all control or they lost sight of the script.

It really would be sad when you invest a lot of time, effort, and money in social proof. By buying Instagram video views, as well as getting likes from the right websites, you then proceed to build a following and you then go on to drop the ball. Yes. Really. You can buy Instagram views for $1 from places like and still come out behind. How come?

Well, instead of hosting your Instagram live sessions in a way that would build your brand, you just go through the motions.

Being the same as everybody else is the kiss of death.

Let me be clear. If you are going to operate your Instagram account like a regular account, forget about it. You might as well not have started that account. You’re just wasting your time.

Remember, you’re putting all this time, effort, and money only to have nothing to show for it. Worst of all, you may even deserve failure because you decided to play the game in the same exact way as everybody else. Please understand that if your followers don’t see a big difference between how your Instagram live hosting sessions play out compared to everybody else’s, they have no reason to stick with you. Seriously.

If they’re going to get the same exact experience as they would from your competitors, why pick you? They could’ve gone straight to your competitors instead. They would have saved themselves a tremendous amount of time, effort, and bother. Understand how this works.

Understand the issue here. The point here is to stand out. And this is where your personality must shine through. Getting enough social proof is not enough. Not even close. It may be that you don’t want to show your face. And that’s fine. But your voice better convey the right emotional range.

Remember, you’re trying to stand apart from the crowd. The key here is to rise above. You’re not going to be able to do that if you’re just going through the motions. That’s why you have to learn how to interact with the crowd.

Ask them for what they want to talk about. Bring your personality front and center. Engage with them. Talk about controversial stuff. Whatever it is you do, choose to do something that is different from the competition.

If you’re able to wrap your mind around any of these concepts, then you are halfway there. This is the key to victory.