How to Locate a Samsung Phone with TheOneSpy App

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TheOneSpy is among the most advanced cell phone tracking apps enabling users to remotely monitor mobile phones possessed and used by someone else. The high-tech monitoring app comes preloaded with hundreds of features letting the end-user to track and control the targeted mobile phone without taking into custody. The spy software is powerful enough to track and locate android smartphones. This article discusses how the user can find location of a Samsung phone with TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app.

What TheOneSpy is for?

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring solution is intended for families and business persons to keep track of smartphones used by children and working staff. Parents can take advantage of the spy app to keep track of online and offline activities of kids to ensure their protection. Similarly, the employers can keep tabs on mobile phone activities of workers to prevent them from unproductive and wicked acts.

How does TheOneSpy Work?

The Android spy software comes with a web portal through which the user can monitor and control the targeted cell phone. If the user wants to access targeted phone data, he only needs to log into the web portal to access the information. This data may include messages, contacts, call logs, internet browsing history, photos, videos, key logs, emails and similar stuff. The online portal can also be used to send commands to the targeted phone.

How to Locate Samsung with TheOneSpy


The cell phone spy app offers a wide range of features which also includes GPS location tracking. Using the spy software, you can find the whereabouts of the target. If you are tracking a Samsung phone, it is very simple to locate that device. Log into the web portal of the cell phone spy app and you will have the current GPS location of the monitored Samsung phone in front of you. The spy app also provides location history so you can keep an eye on the tours made by the target with his monitored Samsung phone.

The GPS location tracking feature of TheOneSpy is equally helpful for parents and employers. With this advanced feature, parents can find the whereabouts of their children to ensure their safety in the real world. They can also track a cell phone of  their kids to schools to restrict them from unnecessary visits to hazardous locations. The employers can locate their travelling workers to make sure they are on assigned routes.

Set Boundaries with Samsung Monitoring App

The advanced cell phone tracking app lets you set boundaries around your kids and workers. The spy software offers geo-fencing that allows user to mark several locations and be notified of target’s arrival and departure from these locations. This feature helps parents and employers to prevent their concerned persons from visiting unsafe and unassigned areas.

Which Smartphones Can be Located with TheOneSpy

As well as Samsung smartphone, you can make use of TheOneSpy app to locate many other mobile phones running Android OS 5 and above. It includes Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Haier, HTC and many popular android phones. However, the cell phone tracker app does not support Xiaomi or other Chinese smartphones. It also does not support TCL devices. To see which mobile phones and computer devices can be tracked with TheOneSpy click here.

What Else TheOneSpy Can Do?


The spy software for Samsung mobile phones lets you monitor almost every activity performed on the targeted android device. You can track messages, emails and calls made and received via monitored Samsung device. Also, the app lets you supervise the activities performed on social networking applications and instant messengers. You can spy on Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, Telegram and many commonly used social and instant messengers.

Moreover, the cell phone surveillance app lets you manage the internet use of your concerned individuals and groups. The spy app accesses the internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other commonly used internet browsers. This helps prevent offspring and employees from visiting age-inappropriate and objectionable websites. The tracking app also offers screen recording and surround monitoring to capture mobile phone activities and happenings in the vicinity of the monitored phone. There is more you can do with the help of Samsung monitoring app the detail of which can be obtained.

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