How To Make A Weedless Raised Wood Pallet Garden Bed

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These garden beds are simple to make and will totally cut down on weeding! You can make just one for small spaces or an entire garden plot of them allowing you to garden with ease!

pallet garden1


You will need

  • Wooden pallets in good condition
  • Scissors
  • Weed/garden fabric
  • Top soil
  • Staple gun and staples
  • plants for planting

pallet garden2

With your pallets at home and cleaned, turn your pallets over. Then lay the garden fabric across the back. Measure enough to cover the entire back. As well as enough extra on all four sides to cover the ends and overlap at the top. Then trim the fabric from the roll.

pallet garden3

Begin stapling the garden fabric to the backside of the wood pallet. Staple the outer edges first, holding the fabric tightThen do add additional staples on the main beams that go through the center. Once it is firmly secure, turn the pallet over.

Then begin folding the fabric up to the top of the pallet and stapling it to the top. This seals the pallet and prevents any of the dirt from leaking out of the sides.

pallet garden4

Then, fill your pallets with your favorite gardening soil and begin planting your seeds!

pallet garden5

It’s truly that easy! Such a great idea that will save you a ton of time weeding and tending to your garden!

pallet garen6

pallet garden7

pallet garden8

Photo credit : busycreatingmemories

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