How to Make a Scary Halloween Costume From Classic Horror Movies

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Want to make an impression this Halloween? Show up at your Halloween party dressed as one of these famous classic horror movie crazies!

Be a doll

Be creepy killer doll Chucky: Wear denim overalls, a colorful striped shirt, and red sneakers; get a cheap, medium-length red wig, wash it in dish soap, and let it dry by itself so the texture is straw-like; and draw crude stitches on your face with a dark red eye pencil.

Go as Leatherface

Go as Leatherface, the madman from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, by wearing a plain apron over jeans, a short-sleeved button-down shirt, and a loosened tie. Then draw jagged stitches on a generic rubber mask with a marker and put on a messy wig. Carry a toy chain saw to complete this scary Halloween costume.

Elect yourself Prom Queen

Elect yourself prom queen by going as Carrie — the ultimate bully victim turned avenger: Wear a long white dress “covered with fake blood” and smear some of it on your arms, chest, face, and hair. Wear a tiara and hold a blood-spattered bouquet of flowers.

A polyester nightgown or slip is an inexpensive alternative to a prom dress.

Be a ringer for Samara

Be a ringer for Samara, the evil child ghost from The Ring. To make this scary Halloween costume, rub a plain white dress in dirt to get it stained and dingy. Rip it in parts so it’s also tattered. Brush white powder makeup over your face, then smudge brown eye shadow here and there. Wear your hair — or a long wig — wet, uncombed, and parted in the middle so it hangs in your face.

Puzzle everyone

Piece together a Jigsaw costume from Saw. Create bulging cheeks and a jutting chin out of mortician’s wax, also known as modeling putty. Then cover your face in white makeup, and add a ring of black around your eyes and two streaks of black down each side of your chin. Finish with exaggerated red lips and red bulls-eye marks on your fake cheeks. Wear a white shirt, black jacket, and red bow tie.