VIDEO | Doctor Shows How To Make Your Own EpiPen For Just $35.

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With the massive increase in the cost of an EpiPen, people have resorted to all sorts of ways to get their hands on the valuable medicine which is needed to save their life in the instance of an allergic reaction.

In the video below, Michael Laufer, a PhD mathematician and one of the creators of the EpiPencil, a device from the hacker group Four Thieves Vinegar Collective, shows us how to make our own EpiPencil for just under $35.

As described in a demo video, the organization aims to democratize pharmaceutical manufacturing and allow people to inexpensively make their own drugs or medical devices.

The EpiPencil, requires just a few parts which someone can easily get themselves, including an auto injector and a syringe.

Take a look at the video below, it could save you money and your life.


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