How To Make McDonald’s World Famous French Fries Recipe At Home!

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Recently MythBuster’s Grant Imahara visited the #McDonald’s factory where their famous and addictive french fries are manufactured. There Imahara learned the ins and outs of how these world famous fries are made. He also learned that McDonald’s uses quite a few chemicals (14 to be exact) and ingredients to manufacture these ever so popular tasty treats. Although most of the chemicals are simply additives that are much needed when you are producing billions upon billions of french fries…some of the chemicals used are truly not very healthy when consumed.

Using the knowledge that was gained by Imahara’s visit, POPSUGAR Food created an awesome, #DIY video showing us all how to make these addictive McDonald’s french fries right in our kitchen…minus all the additives of course!

Check it out and start cooking!

Get the same great McDonald’s taste, save a little money and eat a lot healthier!

Source : Youtube

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