How To Make Mouth Watering Grilled Onion Bacon Cheese Buds

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The beauty with this recipe is that it uses the onion as a base, not a supplement or a topping, but the base. The bacon and cheese actually go on top of the onions. The cross-cutting they do on each onion ensures they get grilled through to perfection. Adding paprika and cayenne pepper top this recipe off nicely. Takes about an hour on the grill, around 350 degrees. Just wait till you look at these when he takes them off the grill. You will want to fire up your barbecue as soon as possible and give these guys a try!

Oh, you want something to dip these buds in? No problem. In this same video you will learn how to make some killer dipping sauce combining ketchup, horseradish, sour cream, and some more seasonings. You can’t go wrong with these bacon buds the next time you are having a party and plan on barbecuing.


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