How To Make Pizza Pinwheels That Are Sure To Please The Palate!

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This awesome recipe was put together by Kristin over at It is a simple recipe that yields awesome and tasty results! 

You can make these as a main meal, quick after school snack or as the perfect finger food for any party! 

These pinwheels only take 15-minutes to make…so they are perfect for a quick snack. You can also prepare a bunch of them, freeze them and then re-heat in the microwave! 

You can use any ingredients you want of course! The Pillsbury refrigerated dough’s work awesome for this meal. Pillsbury now makes a pizza dough that works great! 

Once your sauce and ingredients are on the dough…roll them up and slice them into individual portions. Place tinfoil on a pan, grease and place your rolls on. 

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