How To Make The Coolest Looking Up-Cycled Mason Jar Glass Lamps Around!

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This is one of the coolest DIY projects we have come across in a long while. 

The owner of JackmanWorks has created an awesome DIY up-cycled mason jar lamp that you will no doubt want in every room of your house!

Check out the process of making one of these below…at the end there is a step-by-step build video! 

-All photos via JackmanWorks

First, the builder cut down an old sawhorse he had previously built to serve as the base for the lamps.

Wanting to achieve a stacked plywood look, he glued each cut of wood together.

With everything glued into place, he clamped them tightly to help seal up the glue and ensure a speedy drying time.

After cutting each lamp base down to size, he smoothed them out with a sander.


To accommodate the mason jars, he cut a circular space in each base where the jars would sit.

He also added holes for the wiring.

While he was at it, he added a hole for the toggle on/off switch as well.

With all the holes cut out, he decided the bases could use a bit of finish.

To prevent the mason jars from moving, he glued the lid rings into place.

To help the light pass through the lamp, he cut a hole inside the jar lid.

He then made a channel for the wire out of an acrylic tube.

With the tube in place, he began filling the jars with the colorful shards.

After that, he reattached the lids.

Next up was the electrical component.

He initially decided on a worklight system but found that the lamp was becoming way too warm.

To solve the problem, he went back to the drawing board and decided that an LED strip would be a better solution.

Thankfully, the new lighting system didn’t involve much tweaking to his previous design, so all that was left was to hide the lighting mechanism using a sheet of aluminum.

And then there was light!

Who wouldn’t want a pair of these epic lamps in every room of the house?



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