How To Plan A Perfect Honeymoon

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The best hours of any party is the after-party, and weddings are no different. Months of wedding prep, stress, shopping and travel logistics, constant exhaustion, and then comes the honeymoon. For any couple, getting hitched is the most socially accepted reason on the planet to ditch work and undertake the longest trip ever.

While it all sounds exciting, sometimes, the task of honeymoon planning might turn out to be stressful. Lousy hotels, missed flights, and inhospitable weather can significantly affect your trip and flush your hard-earned money down the drain. To help newlywed couples save money, reduce stress, and plan better, here we are sharing some best honeymoon planning tips. Take a look.

Plan Together

Planning your honeymoon together plays a significant role in beginning the new journey on a compatible note. As a couple, this will be your first step wherein you will start making decisions, and you can get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. If your spouse handles the planning, then you might end up with a trip that’s more tailored to his/her desires. So make sure you both are equally involved in the honeymoon planning process.

Follow a Set Time Frame

Set a timeframe for yourself so that everything falls into the right place. For example, it’s important to weigh the time you’ve allotted for your adventure and make sure that your trip is spent traveling, not transmitting. Thus, you need to follow the below timeframe for planning:

1 Month

  • Finalize and gather all the information about your hotel, flight booking, and transfers.
  • Plan your dream destination and activities of mutual interest.
  • Shop for the essential things you’ll require at your celebratory

15 Days

  • Obtain your visa, flight tickets, and hotel confirmation.
  • Don’t forget to collect all your vouchers and discount coupons from your travel agent.
  • Keep two photocopies of all necessary documents.
  • Convert your local currency and keep it in different bags and pockets.

2 Days

  • Get information about the weather of the destination.
  • If you’re suffering from any medical condition, carry your meds.
  • Keep a basic first-aid kit handy.

Privacy over Popularity

Before you start planning, don’t forget to decide on the destination that offers you experiences based on your interest and particularly enough privacy.

For example, if you’re an adventure lover, you might select New Zealand, but if you love watersports, then Bali or Andaman is your ideal honeymoon spot. Therefore, you should choose a place that offers you what you desire along with enough privacy to have a great time with your loved one.

Figure Out Your Honeymoon Budget

Now that you’ve finally decided on your dream destination, it’s time to understand what’s realistic for your travel budget. If you want the honeymoon to be an unruffled trip, you need to develop a budget.

Stick to your budget, and then plan your entire trip. Look for the options that will save you money that you can further invest in your future trips. You should keep an eye on average daily spend in your mind, add some extra cash into it for miscellaneous expenditure, and book a package that fits entirely into your budget. Here are some points that you could consider:

  • Flights: Book round trip.
  • Accommodation: Choose taxes including and on a double sharing basis.
  • Meals: Should include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.
  • Local commuting: Use public transport for getting around the city.

Planning a Perfect Itinerary

Make sure you get enough time for yourself to plan a perfect itinerary, sightseeing, tours, and activities. Do not make the mistake of covering so many attractions and activities in a limited timeframe. You might get exhausted by the end of the day. Hence, here are some tips on planning a perfect itinerary:

  • Check the weather of the destination.
  • Keep your health as a top priority while planning activities.
  • Make sure there is enough time to rest so that you can spend some quality time with each other.
  • Before you depart for your destination, make sure you call the hotel directly to confirm your booking.
  • In case you have a connecting flight, make sure all your visa requirements are met before reaching the airport.
  • Pack your baggage as per the respective airline’s weight allocation guideline.

Schedule Surprises

While it is an incredible feeling to plan a romantic getaway with your better half, you must sneak some time and try to plan some surprises. You can add a surprise message in dishes to add a bit of excitement to your romantic and memorable vacation together. Your travel agents can also help you in planning a surprise for your better half.

If you’re planning your honeymoon, these tips will surely help you have the best time with your significant other. Make your honeymoon an unforgettable trip. Cheers to you both!