How to Prepare for a Wedding Invitation

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Now that you have set a date for your wedding, you can then think about sending out invitations. There are many ways you can print out your wedding invites to announce your wedding. You can either make a simple DIY postcard invitation or an expert-designed wedding style invitation card. However, the type of wedding invites you choose will determine the cost you are willing to invest in the invitation card.

Before you go and invest in a wedding invite, here are some tips to consider:



If you are planning on inviting many guests to your wedding, then you will be printing out many wedding invitations. Aside from discounts for bulk orders, you will be charged for each card. This means that the more cards you print, the more money you will spend. If you don’t want to incur heavy expenses on cards, you need to cut down your guest list.


Customized Cards

If you are making a specially designed wedding invitation card, you will be charged more money for them. The price will be determined by the labor, technique, and even machinery involved. The cost will also matter in the consultation required and other expenses, including the quality of materials used.


Printing Method


You may choose a regular printer for your wedding invites, but if you are looking for something unique, you will spend more. For instance, if you print your wedding invites using innovative technologies like offset printing or relief printing, that requires special training and costly materials, it would affect the cost of your wedding invite.



Many materials are used to design wedding invites. You can get more affordable options. If you add some unique bells or whistles on your invitation cards, it will make it more expensive.


Delivery Costs

Another factor that determines the cost of your wedding invites is delivery. Usually, delivery services measure their prices based on the weight of the item. If you use heavy paper material for yourwedding invitation cards, it will cost you more money.



Not all wedding invites come in envelopes. If you are designing a special envelope to encase your wedding invite, you should factor in the costs of the stamps, wax seals or any extra décor on the envelopes will be added to the cost.




If your wedding invite envelope has a specially designed hand-lettered calligraphy writing to include your guests’ names, you will be adding an extra cost to your budget.


What will a wedding invite cost?

On average, most couples are likely to spend around $300 to $700 for 100 wedding invites. This varies with design and procedures as explained. If your wedding invite is being designed by a design studio, you will be paying over a thousand dollars for 100 wedding invites. This is because the designer will include the cost of custom logo, monogramming, hand-calligraphy, and other décor elements included in the cards.

If you choose to buy your wedding invites from a regular stationery shop, it will cost at least $700 depending on the design you pick. Couples who purchase their wedding invites through online shops can be able to work with their budgets because invitation cards will likely cost $350 or more online.

The most affordable type of invitations are the DIY wedding invites, which will cost as low as $150. It is more suited to couples on a tight budget.