How To Re-roof A House: DIY vs. Hiring A Home Remodeling Company

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Signs it is time to replace an old roofing system

The roof is a part of the house we don’t inspect every day, but the time when you need to find out how to re-roof a house will definitely come. Experts in home renovation warn that if the installation of roof systems is delayed, it can cause bigger problems in the future, including decreasing resale value, increasing heating and cooling bills, and impacting your comfort due to leaks, damaged flashing, etc. Thus, it is recommended to check your house twice a year to be sure that everything is good and there are no reasons to invest in a remodeling project. But what is the right time to consider a new roof installation? The following warning signs will help you to understand whether you might need a re-roofing:

  • if roof material is cracked, it means that problems with leaks and water penetration may occur;
  • you noticed that your energy bills sharply go up, and you overpay more and more every month;
  • moss, algae, and other unwelcome houseplants appeared outside your house, adversely affecting the quality of the roof and slowly ruining it;
  • your roof is at least 25 years and even if during the inspection, you did not find any serious damages, it is already outdated and you have to keep your eyes wide open to be ready for the replacement process.

The main purpose of a roofing system is to protect building structures from the effects of adverse weather conditions. However, its design is obviously an important aspect of achieving the attractive and eye-catching overall look of your house. Both technical and aesthetic considerations must be taken into account when inspecting your roof. If you want to extend the lifespan of this part of your home, regular maintaining is required. But if the mentioned above signs bother you, be ready to allocate budget for new construction or repairing some of its parts.

Do-it-yourself renovation vs cooperation with experts

If you are looking for professional roofing Framingham services, you can get in touch with a home renovation company like UBrothers Construction. Selecting the strategy of outsourcing your project is the wisest decision as you will get a diagnosis of issues and the most suitable solutions for your exterior. The experts will consult you on the best option of material and type of roof system.

But if you want to rely on your own skills, then you must consider all the aspects of the installation process and how to re-roof a house safely and competently. You must think whether you have necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience; where will you buy your materials; will you be able to obtain a permit for construction works; do you have enough time, etc. But the DIY method is a very risky path, as due to poor installation, the aesthetic appeal of your property can decrease, water can easily penetrate promoting mold, mildew, and more serious problems. And aiming to save money, you only will have long-term financial losses, spending more on your energy bills and frequent repairs.

It’s up to you which strategy to pick for the upgrade of your home, but complex roof installation is better to entrust to professionals.