You’ve Been Doing It Wrong! Viral Image Shows How To Reheat Pizza The ‘Right Way’

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A viral image from a Brooklyn restaurant reveals a much better way to warm up a slice that will leave the bottom crispy, the crust moist and the cheese gooey – and you’ll need a frying pan.

For the viral trick, the pizza is first put into a hot pan without any oil or water to crisp up the bottom.

Then, a splash of water is added before the pan is covered so that the cheese on top melts again.

How to perfectly reheat a slice of pizza

1. Put a slice of cold pizza in a skillet on a medium to low heat.

2. Cook for two minutes or until the bottom is crispy.

3. Place two drops of water into the hot pan away from the pizza, and turn the heat down to low.

4. Cover the skillet, and cook for one minute covered to melt the cheese using the steam from the water.

5. Eat! The bottom should be crispy, the cheese melted and the crust moist.

Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker