How To Stop Dry Nose And Nose Bleeds Using One Simple, Common Product

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‘Tis the season for dry air, dry nose and nose bleeds. Growing up I was always plagued with having nose bleeds because of the dry air. This is a very common occurrence for many during the winter months. The cold, dry air does a number to the nasal passages and when they become too dry, nose bleeds can occur. 

My childhood doctor told me about a simple trick that works wonders. I still use it today with my own children. 

The magic product…Vaseline! Or for the more technical folk out there…Petroleum Jelly. Vaseline is known to help moisturize and heal skin. Although some are wary of putting Vaseline in the nose, it doesn’t actually go in their. 

All you have to do is rub a little Vaseline under the nose and voila…dry nose cured! Nose bleeds…cured! I remember being amazed at how well it worked when I first tried it as a kid, it truly does wonders. 

The Vaseline is wonderful moisturizer and by placing Vaseline under the nose, that moisture will travel into the nasal passages every time you breathe. Try rubbing the Vaseline under the nose before bedtime. When you awake, your dry nose will be gone and you will have a nose bleed free day! Reapply if needed of course. 🙂

Vaseline has other uses on the body. You can apply it to the lips to use its occlusive properties as a balm, which can soothe the surface of the lips and prevent moisture loss. Vaseline can be used as an overall beauty aid that help cracks in the skin, and to help with split ends in the hair because dry and damaged hair is partially a result of moisture loss. Vaseline contains a paraffin wax that softens the skin to help with callouses and skin texture.

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