How To Tell If Your Windows Need To Be Replaced – A Guide

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Here at Canglow, we understand that windows are a big part of your home. They provide security, shelter from the elements, great views, and so much more. But how are you supposed to tell when your windows need to be replaced? Thankfully there are a bunch of telltale signs, and we’ve put them together in this article! Below you will find everything you need to know about knowing exactly when you should replace those old windows!

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Lack of Soundproofing

If you’re constantly being awoken by cars in the middle of the night or can hear every word somebody outside on the street is saying, chances are you need to replace your windows. Windows are designed to stop excessive amounts of sound from coming into your home. When this fails, it’s definitely time to replace them because you’re losing a whole lot of privacy! Not to mention the most subtle of sounds is going to wake you up in the night!

Water Leakages

During rainstorms, if water leaks through your windows, you definitely need to get replacements. If your units have gotten this bad, chances are there are other problems with them. Get them replaced before you subject your home to serious water damage.

The Opening and Closing Test

One great way to test if your windows are in need of replacement is to go around your house and open and close each window. If some of the windows are hard to open or close, chances are their frames have warped over time. This tends to happen in older houses during the winter because of frost heave. If you’re confident that your window frame did not warp, check the mechanisms that control the window. If they’ve simply rusted you can either spray some WD40 on them or repair them rather than replacing the whole window. Saves you a decent amount of money too!

The Candle Test

Go up to a window and hold a candle up to the frame. Move the candle slowly around the perimeter of your window. If your flame goes out or flickers a whole bunch, the air is getting in. This means the weather sealing around your window has begun to fail. Time to replace the window!

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills have skyrocketed in the past few months, you should check out your windows. If cold air is getting into your home through your windows, and your furnace is trying to warm up your house, chances are it’ll need more power. This means higher energy bills!