How To Thoroughly Groom Your Long Haired Pooch Without a Fuss

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Keeping your pooch looking beautiful and feeling comfortable when they’ve got long hair can be a task and a half. Long haired dogs are renowned for being some of the most difficult dogs to keep because of their high maintenance fur and their excessive shedding. Chances are if you do have a long haired mutt, you’ll find yourself hoovering a LOT more often, and every time you give them a snuggle, you’ll have enough hair on you to make a new winter jumper. We love our dogs, but it can be difficult to know the best ways to keep them looking neat and feeling comfortable, and you find yourself asking questions like what kind of clippers to use on a dog? With these steps, your dogs will be looking and feeling wonderful in no time.

Start by Bathing

If you’re stuck on where to get started when you’re wondering how to groom your dog at home with clippers, then the first step is bathing your dog. It’s not every pooch’s favourite activity – some love it, some hate it, but it’s the crucial first step in grooming them in order to stop their fur getting matted at all. Start by putting an anti-slip mat down in the bath, because the last thing you want is for them to slip, fall and hate bath time even more! The best technique for bathing them is starting at the top of the dog’s body, and moving down in the direction of their fur towards the tail. Use your fingers to gently massage dog shampoo into your dog’s coat, and softly remove any debris or dirt that your pup might have acquired in their coat. Like you would with your own hair, when you’ve shampooed and rinsed with warm (but not too warm!) water, apply a detangling conditioner to the coat. This will ensure that any knots are removed. After removing your dog from their bathing station, dry them thoroughly with a towel until damp and run a comb through their coat. Chances are they’re going to try and shake the water off – and you should let them! It’ll help speed up the drying process.


Although some people prefer to leave their pooch to dry naturally, using a hairdryer is often a go to because it’s quicker, and it gives their coat a shine. So long as it doesn’t upset them too much and you don’t use the dryer on a hot setting, then it’s absolutely fine to use your human hairdryer in order to speed up the drying process of your dog. The longer the hair, the longer the process unfortunately, so you’ll either have to wait it out, or commit to giving your pampered pup a blow dry!


Trimming and Clipping

This is the bit that people are more hesitant about in case they make a mess of it. If you’re wondering how to cut dog hair at home with electric clippers, but not wanting to butcher their beautiful coat then simply do your research, and take your time.

The first step is to trim the longest bits of hair, for example on the feet, ears and bum area. This not only makes them look tidier, but makes it easier to clean your dog up in these areas. You’ll then want to trim their claws in order to ensure their comfortability.

Now it comes to the important bit: the clipping. First of all you’ll want to do some research on what the best dog grooming clippers are for you. This is probably relevant to how easy they are to use; how expensive they are and the kind of hair your dog has. It also might depend on the volume of the clipper itself when in use because some dogs are likely to feel nervous at the noise a lot of clippers make. Ensure to make it as pleasant an experience as you possibly can for them, because the last thing you want to do is upset them and make it an issue. Research the best ways to clip your breed of dog, because remember that all dog’s coats are different.

Finishing Touches

Finally, you’ll want to add the finishing touches to your well-groomed pup. After you’ve bathed, dried, trimmed and clipped them, be sure to give them a thorough brush to get rid of any excess hair that’s hanging on. If you wanted to you could even give them a squirt of sweet smelling doggy perfume to put the icing on the cake. And there you have it, your long-haired pooch is immaculate with minimal hassle – until they roll in the mud again!