How To Travel During A Time Of Insecurity

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Traveling is one of the best things an individual or family can do together to help explore the world. Occasionally things may happen, such as the pandemic that shut the world down in 2020, rendering travel very difficult. However, not impossible. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about traveling during times of uncertainty.

1. Travel Insurance

Perhaps your best friend when planning to travel during unstable times is travel insurance. Regardless of what you plan to do or where you plan to go, the right travel insurance will protect you. Though it’s an extra cost up front, and you may never need to use it, the peace of mind is immeasurable.

2. Plan Early

In order to avoid last-minute stress, you’ll need to plan early. Organizing each excursion, activity, and place to stay doesn’t need to be rigorous, but the more thorough you are, the better. The reason for this is that if things change, you know exactly what is affected. In the case of the pandemic, planning early also means you’ll know when to take tests and fill out travel declarations.

3. Focus on Location

If you’re planning a vacation and can be flexible with the location, choose the right spot. Rather than focusing on a dense city where things may be shut down, avoid that place. If there is a war in one country and you would like to visit a neighboring one, that’s not the wisest decision. Opting for a safe and open space with few restrictions can help ensure your vacation does actually happen.

4. Ensure Your Health

Some countries have requirements for the health conditions of incomers, including vaccinations. If traveling during uncertain times is something you must do, it’s important to have your health aligned. If traveling from America, you can find a list of necessary steps before traveling to certain locations.

5. Be Flexible

For your own mental health, it’s important not to hold on too tightly to your routine. While it’s great to plan thoroughly to avoid surprises, the reality is that most things are out of your hands. If something happens that leaves one activity shut down suddenly, then you’ll need to roll with it. Keeping this in mind means avoiding big letdowns later on.

6. Consider Solo Travel

One difficult part of traveling during unpredictable times is making sure everyone is on the same page. If you’re open to traveling alone, now may be the time. You can focus on yourself and meeting travel requirements compared to being worried about everyone else. Travel anxiety is real, and if a companion decides to back out, it can completely ruin the trip!

7. Choose the Safest Transportation

While air travel may have an abundance of restrictions, road trips may allow for more adaptability. During the pandemic, many were rightfully hesitant to hop on a flight for fear of closed corridors. But the alternative of a car made it possible to take semi-local trips that allowed for social distancing. If the weather is inclement, the opposite may be true, such as opting for a plane rather than large car rides through treacherous passes.

8. Choose a Good Resting Place

Traveling can be stressful anytime, but especially so during uncertain times. It’s important to allow yourself a great hotel or other lodging option to decompress. While the specific amenities you need will depend on your lifestyle, a quiet but centralized location with comfortable beds and cozy rooms is almost universally desired.

9. Pack Light and Meaningful

Anything can go wrong at any time, and having to lug around a million pieces of luggage is not ideal. While you don’t need to pack so light that you’re suffering, you should definitely leave unnecessary items at home. If you’re traveling to a beach town in summertime, ask yourself if you truly need an emergency coat. Similarly, if you’re going somewhere cold, do you really need two pairs of shorts “just in case”?

Conclusions – Give Yourself Grace

If you’ve taken on the huge task of planning a vacation during uncertain times, don’t beat yourself up if things go wrong. Try your best to remain fluid to help avoid the strain that can come with rigid time commitments. Enjoy yourself!