How Old Were You When You Learned How To Use A Can Opener The Right Way?

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I must admit…I literally just learned that I have been using a can opener the wrong way — or at least the way it is intended to be used — my entire life.

Turns out, there are a few ways to use a can opener…and then there is the correct way.

Photo: TikTok / mamainthekitchen

You may believe you’ve been using a can opener properly this whole time, but this TikTok hack from @mamainthekitchen may have you second-guessing yourself. Or, maybe you’re someone whose been doing it right this whole time. We were definitely today years old when we learned about this one.

While a few comments on the video show that people have been using a can opener the ‘intended way’ their whole lives, there were a slew of comments that said otherwise. Therefore…there are a ton of people in the same boat as us.